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All Colors is back with their new song “Let It Rain Down”. Photo: WMG

Festival summer could come: DJ Alle Farben will appear in 2022 at the World Club Dome and Parookaville, among others. Despite this, it is rarely found at festivals, as he revealed in the interview.

After a two-year break, festivals are again possible this year. “Very happy to be back on the road and on stage,” DJ Alle Farben, 36, who recently released his new song “Let It Rain Down,” said in an interview with Spot on news. In addition to his work, the music producer, whose real name is Frans Zimmer, also talks about his sports program and his passion for cooking: the 36-year-old could even imagine opening his own restaurant or food truck.

Her new single is “Let It Rain Down”. When was the last time you felt the need to wash everything yourself?

All Colors: I think the last time I felt the need to wash everything off was in the middle of the pandemic. The second winter came and what seemed to me like a tenth closure and I didn’t know how to go on. You’d better reset everything. Fortunately things have gone very positive and we can now run the festivals again.

The song was sung by PollyAnna. What makes your voice special for you?

All Colors: The sound is deep and distinctive because it has a powerful, brief and unique sound. I found this impressive and wonderful. I’m always looking for special sounds, you can hear this in songs like “She Moves”, “Please Tell Rosie” or “Bad Ideas”.

Festivals are finally possible again this year, featuring at the World Club Dome or Parookaville, among others. What do these performances mean to you after the festival’s long break?

All Colors: For me, festivals mean my life and what I want to do. I want to perform. After two years, I’m very happy to be back on the road and on stage.

Do you also like to go to festivals in particular?

All Colours: Personally, I hardly get to go to festivals. I like to go to a concert. But because of my job, I travel a lot to festivals, and then I like to stay longer or come early if I want to see a band. So I rarely plan to go to a festival in private.

Many large festivals are often criticized for not being sufficiently sustainable. What value do you place on this topic, both privately and professionally?

All Colors: Of course I deal with this topic. We take the train most of the time, trying to save on flights here and there. I myself run a blog where I mainly cook vegan. Anyway, it’s a very current topic and therefore of course something that also worries me.

Despite your great success, you have kept your feet on the ground. How do you stay humble and humble?

All Colour: I’ve stayed grounded through my surroundings, my friends, my family, and my team. I think this is the most important point of that. On the other hand, of course, I also like to enjoy good food or a little luxury when I travel. But in general, I feel more comfortable when I’m on the floor and doing more realistic things.

You have a great passion for cooking and have acquired many professional skills. Can you imagine opening your own restaurant one day?

All colours: I love kitchen, cooking, culinary arts and everything related to it. Of course, the idea of ​​opening my own restaurant came up. In the middle of the pandemic, the plan was also to open its own food truck. These are all things that I didn’t ignore but definitely put off as I was walking around again. When I open a restaurant, I want to do it right and not aside. I look forward to it working in the future.

Pharrell Williams is still on your list of artists you’d like to work with. Did anything come of these plans?

All colours: unfortunately not. I don’t think I’ll get close to it until I get the right song. Of course I’ve been working a lot in the studio too in the past few months and years. There were always ideas that could go in this direction. But I haven’t taken the step yet, and I don’t feel ready yet. But as soon as the right song is released, I’ll go and ask him.

After your first big hit with “She Moves” in 2014, you’ve reached a point where you can’t move forward. They pulled the emergency brake and took a breather. What did you learn from this time in later life?

All Colors: No one really can prepare you for success. You are overwhelmed at first. The people who made it and achieved great success are busy with themselves. And people around you or people who haven’t had a hard time explaining what it’s like. There is a lot of literature on this topic. But still: when something happens so quickly, you first have to be able to deal with it. Looking back now, I would say: It was an educational process that went very well. I think it could have gone in a different direction, as I’ve seen with other artists.

During this time you also changed your diet, stopped drinking and did more exercise. Do you keep doing that?

All colors: Yes. I eat well and still don’t drink liquor. Sport is more important to me than it was back then. I love being on the road and exercising, from the gym to rock climbing to squash. I also really enjoy playing sports with others, whether with other artists or with my colleagues. It has definitely become a great hobby.

What do you pay attention to in your diet and exercise program?

All Colors: When it comes to sports, it is important for me to exercise and enjoy sports. Sometimes it is not important that it has the same intensity or effectiveness every day. It’s about making me feel good and healthy. When it comes to nutrition, I make sure it is balanced. It can also be a burger or a pizza. But on the other hand, I have a lot of vegetables at home. I always make sure I have something new with me. It is not that easy when you are traveling. But I will say that I do just fine this way.

Before the pandemic, you were playing more than 150 shows a year, then sometimes stopped completely. How is it for you to start again now?

All Colours: I’d like to start like this again. However, booking is still a bit hesitant. Even some festivals no longer exist. In 2019, there were only 100 good bids. I think that will be my goal again, to play 100 shows. This year we’re almost 80 years old, so we’re very close again.

Many people are becoming more aware during the pandemic. After Corona, are you now spending more time for yourself, your family and your friends?

All Colours: Even before the pandemic, I made time for friends and family. I also focus on that, my environment is important to me. Of course, the pandemic gave me more time, but that does not mean that those around me had more time. So not much has changed for me. I’ve had vigils before.

At the beginning of June you celebrate your birthday. Are you planning something special? what do you wish

All Colors: On my birthday, I just want to see as many friends as possible. I play the World Club Dome the night before. This means I’ll party there as well and then gradually meet friends over the following weeks and catch up on socializing. I’m really looking forward to it and haven’t made any plans. I just want to have a nice party.

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