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According to the recently published study “Racist Facts” by the German Center for Integration and Migration Research, 22% of Germany’s population as a whole has been affected by the same racism. 22% Unbelievable, one-fifth!

Through plays and radio programs, we think about the topic of “everyday racism”, which is only a marginal phenomenon.

Feature: Free yourselves from colonialism!

More than a quarter of Germany’s population has an immigration history. But social diversity is not reflected in the editorial offices and management floors of German broadcasters. And so the feature authors ask: What’s really going on in the public sector itself in terms of diversity? What steps are being taken towards greater diversity? What does decolonization of broadcaster mean?

Author Lorenz Rollhäuser has been awarded the 2022 Axel Eggebrecht Prize for his life’s work.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022, at 8 p.m. at NDR Kultur.
Online from 02.06.2022.

Radio play: ABCDE and I

The radio play, presented by Susan Amatosero, accompanies Six Friends in Hamburg.

“ABCDE and I” is a picture of a boy with immigrant backgrounds. Omo West is 17 years old and lives in Hamburg. He talks about himself, his friends, and their day and night trips through the city. It’s about pranks, daring, and growth. In a world of sometimes doubt, the solidarity of the six friends helps them dodge the suspicions of exhausted police officers as well as racist attacks with wit and equanimity. “ABCDE und ich” is a type of anti-crime novel that works to de-escalate by relegating alleged criminal offenses to trivialities.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 8 pm at NDR Kultur.
Online from 03.06.2022.

A house submerged in desert sand in Kolmanskop, Namibia.  © Photokas |  Don Espresso Photo: Don Espresso

Inspired by her autobiography, Benda Diouf travels from Paris to Namibia in her autobiographical single “Bestin”.

Audio playback: cliffs

In her monodramatic film Cliffs, writer Benda Diouf travels from Paris to Namibia, to the country of Frankie Frederick, whom she has loved since childhood – Frederick is the only Namibian athlete to win a medal at the Olympics – and for whom memory traces their identity. Admirably combines, formally and poetically, the history of her teenage discrimination (everyday racism, racial profiling, sexism) in France with the history of violence in Namibia during the German colonial period.

Wednesday 15th June 2022 at 8pm at NDR Kultur.
Online from 10/06/2022.

Audio playback: Download

Photo: Kan Rastovich © Stefan Banhans/Kahn Rastovich Photo: Kan Rastovich

In a radio play by Stefan Banhan, five cultural workers perform physical and mental stretching and strength exercises in a hostel room.

Amidst rising everyday racism, celebrity cults, problems of post-colonial diversity and a dominance of the economy, five mobile culture workers* of different origins and professions engage in a word-of-word battle over their experiences and dreams. They act as avatars in a remote-controlled computer game by the culture industry, constantly changing roles, fighting for voice and hearing and at the same time forming a kind of “choral body” – a multiple identity that breaks down cliches and reveals commonalities.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022, at 8pm at NDR Kultur.
Online from 17/06/2022.

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The booklet entitled “Islamic and racist attacks – a topic for lessons and schools” consists of 80 pages. 5 minutes

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Felix Klein, the federal commissioner for Jewish life, called the accusation of anti-Semitism a “sharp sword.” 55 min

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A police officer during a traffic check in Berlin, February 27, 2018. © imago images / photothek Photo: Florian Gartner

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Far-right incidents are piling up in the police force. Interior ministers promise clarification. What does this mean for democracy? 52 minutes

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