Spring reception in Bad Herrenalb: crying at diplomas – Bad Wildbad and the surrounding area

Children of the dance troupe “Emotion Dance” received the guests. Photo: Glaser

Mayor Klaus Hoffmann honored the deserving citizens of Bad Herrenalb at the Spring Reception in the Kurhaus. Among them were eight groups of volunteers and several athletes.

Bad Herrenalb – Members of the Interest Group (IG) were among the honorees. IG was established right after the 2017 garden fair in Bad Herrenalb. Their working groups (AK) continue the citizens’ projects created at that time. The monastery garden, the small spa garden, the fantasy garden and the dahlia garden are still kept in the hands of the citizens. The city churches are active in the meeting place church in the spa garden with regular prayers. An open garden door day is organized, as well as environmental protection and landscaping projects. City guides greet groups of guests, and readings take place at Rolle in the summer. The committed citizens of the IG Garden Show have been able to keep the spirit of the garden show alive. There was a certificate and a financial gift from Mayor Klaus Hoffmann. Traudi Mayer and Wolfram Muller accepted them on their behalf.

Swimming pool advertisement

IG FreiBadHerrenalb was also honored. About 150 members make a financial contribution to the outdoor forest pool in Bad Herrenalb with membership fees and donations. However, it is very important for them to advertise the swimming pool and draw public attention to it as an attractive facility for recreation, relaxation and sports. They support the pool’s preservation through events, maintenance and construction work. Structural improvements include free Wi-Fi (2019), Boules Pars (2020), bookcase (2020), and additional signage (2022). Sebastian Graubner and Joseph Reiser received a certificate and a monetary gift.

praise the work

Team Tafelladen was among the honorees. Tafelladen Bad Herrenalb is a branch of Tafel Ettlingen, whose volunteers collect surplus food and distribute it to those in need. In doing so, you give the socially disadvantaged in Bad Herrenalb more financial freedom. The lack of food donations and the increase in the number of needy and employees who have lost their lives due to old age has caused a lot of problems for the food bank team. Klaus Hoffmann motivated them to continue, praised their work and gave gifts to Pete Muller.

Honors in sports

From the sports sector, Sebastian Weiß was honored by the Bad Herrenalb Sports Club, which is mainly involved in youth work. He was not present. At the age of nine, Mike Badouin was awarded the German swimming gold badge. A mature achievement that can only be achieved with extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of water. He was especially praised for this at the Spring Gala.

Badminton Sportfreunde Neusatz was honored as a team. On the stage were Anne Catherine van Ruud, Valery Saha, David Glenjanko, Gleb Stepanzov, Philip Heinz and Ostap Demchenko. The latter was recently stranded in Bad Herrenalb of Ukraine and now supports the badminton youth team, which has competed successfully in regional and national tournaments and achieved the podium in recent years.

youth club

The fighting community Bad Herrenalp Phoenix Albatal constituted the largest group among those honored in the sport. This youth association encourages children, youth and adults in the sports of judo and aikido. The athletes were particularly successful in the individual state’s under-11 and under-15 state championships with twelve kids in different weight classes. “This is a huge achievement and it deserves all the accolades,” Mayor Hoffman said. There were tears when the certificates were handed out. No certification is prepared for the youngest athlete. He came in second in the “Youth Trains for the Olympics” and was comforted by sweets.

music program

The talents were also revealed on the music support program. Elijah Robert played (10) pieces on the piano. Children and young people from the group “Emotion Dance” danced and also showed acrobatic interludes. Miriam Corley (vocals) and Stephen Schumacher (piano) greeted the evening’s guests with choppy tunes.

guest of honor

The evening’s guests of honor included Member of Parliament Klaus Mack and Member of State Parliament Thomas Blink. They said hello. Finally, there was a champagne reception in the lobby of the Kurhaus.

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