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With “Sörensen hat Angst” Bjarne Mädel celebrated his debut as a feature film director in 2020. The film can now be viewed in the ARD Media Library until March 18, 2023.

by Julia Jacob

Chief Inspector Sorensen had moved from Hamburg to Kattenbull in Friesland. The inspector suffers from an anxiety disorder and hopes to be able to work peacefully in the rural countryside. But then Mayor Heinrich suddenly sat dead in his stable. shot. In the course of his investigations, Sorensen realizes that Kattenbull is not calm, and peaceful, and that his anxiety disorder keeps playing tricks on him.

My voice: Sörensen is afraid – Bjarne Mädel and Sven Stricker in conversation (26 min)

Actor Bjarne Mädel is also a director for the first time

Author Sven Stricker wrote action thrillers for Bjarne Madel. The series about Commissioner Sorensen has had complete success both as a book and as a radio play – with Bjarne Madel. Filming Sörensen’s thrillers was only a matter of time. But it wasn’t planned from the start that he’d be directing the movie either. “Jacob had different directorial suggestions, and I said out loud with one of them, ‘Excuse me, but before he does that, I’d rather do it myself,'” Bjarne Madl explains how it happened. The production director took this very seriously and suddenly Mädel became the director.

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Sörensen (Bjarne Mädel) and boy on a swing © Claussen + Putz Filmproduktion GmbH Photo: Michael Ihle

“Sörensen is scared”: BBjarne girls debut through March 19, 2023 in ARD Media Library (FSK 12). external

Regional excitement between funny and dangerous moments

Sörensen Afraid is a classic regional thriller. But if you were expecting it to be a joke because Bjarne Mädel loved it, you’ll be disappointed. Director Mädel did not make the mistake of focusing on humor in Sörensen’s crime novels. The director says: “The topic is rather difficult and too dangerous to make a comedy from. But the characters definitely have a sense of humor. How they treat each other in the police station is very funny,” says the director. “But that’s because of the form, there’s this hard case and the ugly moments as well. And it’s always between fear that overcomes you. But there’s also this laconic North German humor, which is no stranger to me.”

Sörensen is scared: a fun movie with the best actors

The girl hits the right note. Anxiety disorder is subtly resolved visually, but made more vocally more intensely. “It’s also part of the disease that cognition changes,” Mädel explains. “You know it’s from the café, where you’re sitting like that, and then the milk froths and the clatter and plates fly. The conversation is at the next table and everything becomes more present than the actual conversation you’re having.”

The crime thriller “Sörensen hat Angst” (age rating: FSK 12) is great fun and exciting – narrated with calm and serenity. And down to the smallest of them The supporting roles are well played – Matthias Brandt plays a weary alcoholic and Peter Kurth, as the smooth boss of “Fleischeslust”, has the fun of the game written on his face. “Sörensen hat Angst” is Bjarne Madel’s highly successful directorial debut.

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Sörensen (Bjarne Mädel) with dog rope in front of the North Frisian Wadden Sea - view from

At Filmfest Hamburg 2020, NDR.de spoke to Bjarne Mädel about his first film as a director. more

Sörensen (Bjarne Mädel) has the barrel of a gun on his temple.  © Photo: NDR / Michael Ihle

89 minutes

Inspector Sörensen hopes to find peace in the rural countryside. But suddenly the mayor died 89 minutes

Sörensen (Bjarne Mädel) seated on the wall © Claussen + Putz Filmproduktion GmbH Photo: Michael Ihle

Bjarne Mädel’s film, “Sörensen hat Angst”, was awarded the Austrian Film and Television Prize “Romy”. more

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