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Dancer and choreographer Johannes Plattner from Stuttgart takes part in the Solo Dance Theater competition. Photo: Dominique Brewing / DB

The 26th Solo Dance Theater Festival begins on Thursday in Rotebühltreff. One of the German artists is Stuttgart choreographer Johannes Plattner.

The Stuttgart Festival of Solo Dance Theater wants to be a meeting point rather than a competition. The joy that the international catwalk could happen again this year after two years of the pandemic and thus postponed from March to June, is certainly remarkable among the participating artists.

215 applications show the acceptance of the exchange opportunity. 18 contributions by artists from Brazil, Korea, USA, Israel and several European countries submitted the preliminary selection, from Thursday onwards, they will be presented to an international jury at the Rotebühlplatz meeting point.

Johannes Blattner is the only German participant

All this also appeals to the Stuttgart dancer and choreographer Johannes Plattner. “The festival has created a large and visible platform and it is a great opportunity for me to bring out a piece of art.” With his solo track developed with and for Elias Bäkebork, Johannes Blattner will be the only German participant to open the competition – and at the same time make his main program debut. Two years earlier, when he was making his new start on the independent scene after his time at Stadttheater Pforzheimer, he had already used the Stuttgart evening before the actual festival as a stage. The 26th edition of the festival will also open on Wednesday with the “Stuttgart Solo Curio” evening.

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The solo form is difficult and exciting because it requires a high level of theatrical presence, as founder Marcelo Santos emphasized in 2021 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the festival: “The pieces must not be boring, like a poem, the expression is too intense and it must be thought of in an extraordinary and dramatic way.”

Two science fiction lovers dancing

There should be no boredom with “Prepost Avatar” by Johannes Plattner and Elias Backeburk, who met as dancers in Pforzheim. “We’re both sci-fi fans and we’ve been talking about what we’re going to miss in the distant future,” says Blatner of the initial idea for the solo film, which sends an avatar into the past. Digital Audio by Vincent Wikström aims to provide a sense of time travel and science fiction.

Now the future speaks

“We were interested in the question of how we would like to see in the future,” says the choreographer. His latest production “The Comfortable Truth”, which he realized with the collective Multipluralwesen, also touched on pressing issues. “The fact that our comfort is at the expense of others must be socially relevant,” Blatner said at the time — and now he’s letting the future speak.

Change location for more exchange

The subject of the exchange was also the reason for Johannes Blattner to change his position: in the young team of Pforzheim he was absent from dialogue with his more mature colleagues; In Stuttgart, he also drew inspiration from other arts. Because the festival has been postponed, the standard is now higher for him: “We have more time to rehearse,” says Platner.

The 26th International Festival of Solo Dance Theater will screen 18 entries from June 2-5 at the meeting point at Rotebühlplatz, with the closing ceremony and award ceremony on June 6. Later award winners will tour with a gala evening. By the way, choreographer Katja Erdmann-Rajsky also has a native of Stuttgart on the five-person jury.


As a warm-up to the festival, there will be a solo program for Stuttgart artists on Wednesday, June 1 at 8pm. From Thursday 2nd June to Saturday 4th June at 8pm, 6 entries can be seen in the competition. The closing ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 5th, at 5pm.

Festival tickets are available for €18 from the organizer, Volkshochschule Stuttgart.

Titled “Solo = Alone”, the meeting point at Rotebühlplatz displays images of dance by Gert Weigelt, who was the first photographer to receive the German Dance Prize in 2019, through June 12.

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