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Michael Westagman, Senator for Economics and Innovation: “The Corona pandemic has severely affected the tourism industry. Tourism in general and business tourism in particular suffered heavy losses. The impact affected not only the hospitality sector, but also retail, transportation, cultural and leisure services. Now we want to start over again with strength. To this end, we are promoting tourism with additional measures and motives. The goal is to create additional travel opportunities, but also to attract today’s visitors to Hamburg. Congress and Congress organizers must also be approached closely with the tailored offerings that Hamburg has to make in order to support business tourism, which has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic.”

Dr. Carsten Prosda, Senator for Culture and Media: “Hamburg has a lot to offer to travelers interested in culture. In order to promote culture and tourism in particular for a fresh start, we want to expand the range of diverse cultural activities. Last year’s cultural summer showed what a strong stimulating culture can provide to the whole city. That’s why we focus on outdoor events. Again this year. Tourists and Hamburg residents can look forward to distinct cultural experiences in the Hanseatic city. We also want to foster a reboot culture. Because now we need a strong and diverse cultural scene.”

Dr. Andreas Dressel, Senator for FinanceNo industry has been hit as hard by the coronavirus crisis as culture and tourism. These two industries benefited from Hamburg’s coronavirus shield in the three-million-figure range – that was both true and significant. However, the numbers show that we are still far from the pre-corona level. We in the Senate agree: We want to help build on the pre-coronavirus successes in terms of visitors and tourists. Culture and tourism are indispensable to our city in all respects. It enriches Hamburg, it is also important branches of the economy and creates employment opportunities for many people. With today’s package for culture and tourism – funded for the last time with corona money from our budget – we want to promote a strong recovery of culture and tourism.

Michael Otremba, General Manager Hamburg Tourismus GmbH: The competition for travelers is enormous. With the extra money, we want to identify very specific drivers that companies will benefit directly from. The focus is on two main themes: Marketing in International Markets and Acquisition of Events, Conferences and Conferences. In the first few months, the proportion of guests staying from abroad was 15 percent – compared to 25 percent in 2019. There is still room for improvement here, and we will increase our visibility in Hamburg-related foreign markets through several actions. We can also see that the number of events, conferences and conferences is increasing again. But here, too, we can use additional funds to ensure that more events take place in Hamburg in the near future and in the years to come.”

Tourism is an important branch of the economy in Hamburg. Before the pandemic began, about 90,000 Hamburg residents were employed in the industry, which is characterized by small and medium-sized businesses. It is expected that even after all measures of corona are relaxed, the tourism industry will need support in order to reach the pre-corona level.

In addition, the special funds aim to promote cultural diversity for a new beginning after Corona restrictions. For example, based on the good experiences in recent years with external funding, decentralized events and distinct private formats should be made available.

These measures are supported by additional funds:

  • tourism marketing (2.35 million euros)
    Hamburg Tourismus GmbH (HHT) will intensify its marketing activities to revitalize tourism on all appropriate channels and control them flexibly on an ongoing basis. Thanks to special funds, Hamburg’s attractiveness to tourists in Germany and in the neighboring and particularly relevant source markets of Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden will be displayed in the form of appropriate campaign items. A joint marketing campaign with Deutsche Bahn is also planned, especially for rail travel.
  • Promotion of business tourism (1.15 million euros)
    After the pandemic, business travelers and conference and conference organizers should increasingly be asked to use Hamburg as the location for MICE (meeting incentives exhibitions or events). The targeted treatment of conference, meeting, conference and exhibition planners, focused marketing and the positioning of Hamburg as a prime location for business events should motivate event booking and execution. To this end, partner networks will be expanded and organizers will be addressed via social media, specialized forums and bloggers, and updated content will be created. The broad sector of MICE service providers in Hamburg will benefit from the measures: hotels (conferences), event venues, technology companies, catering companies, transport providers, agencies, artists, etc. There is a special focus on engaging Hamburg service providers at every opportunity that arises.
  • Promotion of tourism activities (500,000 euros)
    The design and implementation of the food festival should attract new visitors as an additional reason to travel. The executor’s birthday must also be upgraded through other actions. In addition, the promotion of the gaming convention aims to underline Hamburg’s position in esports.
  • Funding from the Ministry of Culture and Information for external cultural events (3.3 million euros)
    Through the External Funding Program, the Ministry of Culture and Information supports cultural event organizers in realizing cultural events in various open spaces. Building on the good experiences of the cultural summer, new and unusual places for culture should also open. The program aims at large-scale coordination of all musical genres and other cultural sectors that promote cultural diversity and are of interest to tourists as reasons to travel due to their national appeal. Premium special formats such as concerts by the Philharmonic State Orchestra are also funded at the Rathausmarkt.

    Cultural organizers can find information about the external funding program at Funding applications can be submitted starting June 15, 2022. The support program is being implemented by STADTKULTUR HAMBURG, which supported the city in the successful implementation of its Summer of Culture last year.

  • Special events for the anniversary celebrations of cultural institutions:
    In order to emphasize the superior quality of culture in Hamburg, special formats for the upcoming annual celebrations should also be supported.

    100 Years Museum of Hamburg History (€200,000)
    To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the Hamburg History Museum is planning an engaging special program with many highlights. This also includes a special exhibition on graffiti and hip-hop culture in the Hanseatic city, which, along with graffiti lovers, aims to attract younger target audiences throughout Germany and get them excited about Hamburg.

    50 Years Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier (100,000 euros)
    With the 2022/23 season, John Neumeier is celebrating his birthday as Ballet Director, which is also his last season. Therefore, the Hamburg Ballet begins the season with a unique open-air ballet at the Rathausmarkt.

    41 years of art in public (€50,000).
    On the occasion of the 40th anniversary in 2021 of Hamburg’s famous and unique nationwide funding program for art in public, which can only be celebrated this year due to Corona, a series of special projects are planned that will make art tangible for all. These funds are used to supplement the one-time project funding of €500,000 in the already identified field of art in public spaces, through which the further development of the Hamburg program will be promoted and give new impetus to art.

    30 years of the Hamburg Film Festival (50,000 euros)
    To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Filmfest Hamburg is planning several additional shows and events that will add to the festival’s appeal.

  • Hamburg museum projects:

    Art Mail Hamburg (170,000 euros)
    The museums and five galleries of Hamburg’s Art Mile plan a great outdoor artwork to revitalize the city center with elements of fine art and performance.

    Hamburger Kunsthalle: Premium tours (€30,000)
    The Hamburger Kunsthalle offers special featured tours especially suited to tourists.

  • Speicherstadt lighting (100,000 euros)
    The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hamburg is also worth seeing at night thanks to the special lighting, for which the Lichtkunst Speicherstadt is responsible. So far, it has only been partially implemented, the lighting must be completed step by step.

Individual measures are now being identified and implemented with institutions and, if necessary, supplemented by other projects from the current Corona Aid, with which cultural diversity in Hamburg is supported.

Additional funding program for the culture of children and youth:

The Culture and Media Authority is also planning an additional funding program for activities in the field of children and youth culture. The SOMMERKINDERkultur program aims to supplement external funding with the aim of supporting a diverse cultural program of all artistic genres for children, youth and families as they have been particularly affected by the pandemic.

The program must be attractive and accessible to all children and young people living in Hamburg and the metropolitan area. For this purpose, event venues should be established in as many areas as possible as well as in areas away from the city center, also focusing on outdoor events.

The SOMMERKINDERkultur program will be funded by approximately 1.7 million euros from Corona’s own funds from the cultural authorities.

Cultural organizers can find information about the funding program at Funding applications can also be submitted from 15 June 2022. The funding program is also implemented by STADTKULTUR HAMBURG.

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