Pyrna: Pyrna begins the cultural summer

Berna begins the cultural summer

2 theatres, 20 days, 22 events in the Elbe: The July special is about to begin.

Two men, two theaters, one cultural summer: Tom Pauls (left) and Gerd Lorenz present the program for July on the Elbe River.
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Culture in the summer – of course. Culture in the summer on the Elbe – for sure. Culture in Summer on the Elbe River in Pirna: This is the culture of July, which begins on June 30th. Tom Pauls theater and cabaret stage Q24 in Pirna join forces for the second time for a month of culture. The program was prepared, posters and information sheets were printed, and the first tickets were sold.

On Tuesday, both stages presented this year’s show. There are a total of 22 shows over 20 days. Tickets always cost 26 euros, except for ten euros a pint in the morning on July 17 and absolutely nothing for the family party on July 10, 10:30 in the morning. What is there, what is different from last year and what has proven itself?

What are the highlights?

Tom Pauls and Geert Lorenz are the two men who represent the Summer of Culture. Pauls for his stage, Lorenz for Q24. Needless to say, their recommendations relate to ideas for organizing their homes. But it is precisely this combination that makes the summer of culture so diverse. July is also a family month for both. Lorenz’s daughter, who has been living in Chile for years, comes home privately. And Paul’s sons are themselves on stage.

Three recommendations from Tom Bowles:

2nd of July: Of course, Elsie Bannert shouldn’t miss—and neither should the theater. There’s more to that this time around, which is why Tom Bowles naturally recommends his favorite retiree.

July 10th: Right after or before Ilse Bähnert comes the Zwinger trio in Tom Pauls. On this day a guest in Pirna with the anniversary program “Aufgetaucht”.

July 29: There won’t be a big Saxon word party for this year, but there will be two events – one on October 2nd at the Tom Bowles Theater and another this Friday in July, where Saxon Words will be shown.

Three recommendations from Geert Lorenz:

July 1st: In MerQury, Gert Lorenz hopes to have a full house and is sure of it. Also thanks to the Canadian singer on the Queen Tribute Rock Show.

July 15: Gundermann is always working – “Die Seilschaft” shows his hits and songs. A special touch in the program Gert Lorenz.

July 31: Finally, there is BluesRock from Berlin. For Geert Lorenz, there couldn’t be a better July culture finale.

More seats, rain ponchos, toilets and a gift

The approximately 300 venues will be expanded to 400 this year. The stage remains the same. Toilets are free again for cultural summer guests.

There is an established gastronomy that offers something special every evening – and many helpers. Gesine and Frank Tittel as well as Sigrid Zönnchen from Q24 know their working days. You will then be on site two hours before the show starts and will leave only when the last guest is satisfied.

There are still a few tarpaulins left from last year, and 150 of the tarpaulins have been ordered—”hopefully they’ll all stay in the box,” says Gert Lorenz. Rain meant well in Augustus culture. It disturbed visitors less than the meadow, which then had to be bypassed. And if all goes well financially this year, the organizers want to give Berna a tree. what kind? A pear tree would certainly be appropriate, says Tom Bowles.

Where are the tickets?

Tickets can now be purchased at the DDV store on the corner of Dohnaische Straße and Schössergasse. Cards are also available at all other DDV locations and SZ meeting points. In addition, organizers display them on their websites or in their homes. The joint website will also be operational soon.

Tickets are still available for all shows. What is good for visitors until the day of the event sometimes causes a headache for the organizers. However, the general trend, especially in the case of outdoor programmes, is towards short-term buying.

What is the best way to get there?

Last year there were a number of visitors whose enjoyment of the cultural summer was spoiled by the terrible parking fees in Pirna. However, if you walk a few meters from the place in Elbe, you can park your car for free. In Zone 3, parking will not be charged after 6pm.

The alternative is a €9 bus and train ticket that can be purchased per month from June to August. A bike or motorboat tour can also be done.

How is summer?

Theaters don’t want to commit to whether next year’s summer will be August again or whether it will stay in July. August gets a bit dark, which isn’t bad for the weather – but for Tom Bowles, whose holiday month is August. If next month is still open, summer will definitely not be June’s cultural month. The operators are also not committed to the collaboration between the two houses in Pirna that extends beyond summer – according to the motto: anything is possible, nothing should be. “A lot can happen,” says Kristin Kochan, managing director of the Baumeister gGmbH Theater in Peter-Ulrich-Haus. “After ten years side by side, last year we found each other in need, and now we find each other well,” says Geert Lorenz. What can go wrong?

The full program is available on the organizers’ websites: and

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