New Live Features on YouTube

In a video, YouTube will soon introduce features for live streaming on the platform. This includes redirects, invites to guests, and a new ad to educate users about live broadcasts. This is now rolled out first to everyone.

YouTube allows creators (and all other interested parties) to regularly participate in new developments via the Creator Channel. This week’s update focuses on upcoming features for YouTube Live. This includes, for example, the integration of guests into live broadcasts, new notifications for users when shared channels are broadcast live and forwarded to other live broadcast groups.

Live Episodes: Show Like on Instagram for Live Streams and New Stories

The second feature is called YouTube Live Rings. These viewers show if the account is currently or just existed, or if there is an online story that hasn’t been watched yet. Episodes will initially be rolling out in some regions, but will roll out across the platform later this year. Instagram users will quickly get used to the new Live Rings, very similar to the rings Instagram uses to indicate that an account has uploaded a story or is live.

YouTube screenshot, © Creator Insider

This should increase the reach and therefore the number of viewers for your YouTube Live streams and Stories. When they click on the profile picture with a live broadcast episode, users are redirected directly to the active live broadcast.


After the announcement a few weeks ago, YouTube has now confirmed the official launch of Story and Live Rings. This means that users can now see in multiple places on the platform whether the creator has posted a new story or is currently live based on episodes and the “Live” tag.

In addition to this announcement, YouTube had another innovation ready. Previously, only channel operators with more than 500 subscribers could mention other channels in their video titles or video descriptions. The YouTube team has now removed this limit. This means that smaller channels can now also access the Signals feature.

The update is dated March 31, while the initial rollout was announced on March 21.

Go live with the guests

The new mobile collaboration feature “Go Live Together” should please many creators. This is because guests can be invited to your live broadcast via a link. As is known from other platforms, it is displayed on half the screen. However, your channel information remains hidden. Additionally, guests do not have access to broadcast analytics and do not receive any portion of revenue from pre-roll or in-run ads. According to Catherine, who spoke in the Creator Channel video, this was a much needed feature and will be rolled out to more creators after a beta period.

Redirect live viewers to other channels

Behind the somewhat unwieldy name, direct cross-channel redirects hide a new practical feature. Kathryn from Creator Insider explained:

Today, creators with at least a thousand subscribers can use a feature called direct forwarding to direct their viewers from a live or premiere broadcast to another live stream or premiere on their own channel. But they cannot send their viewers to a live broadcast or premiere hosted on another channel. With this launch, creators with at least a thousand subscribers and no active Community Guidelines violations will be able to direct their viewers to a live stream or premiere hosted on a different channel.

The feature should be especially exciting for brands and influencers working together. In this way, viewers of the influencer’s live broadcast can be redirected to a brand’s live broadcast or vice versa.

It remains to be seen how the creators of the platform will take on the new features. Both Live Rings and Go Live Together features are set to roll out in the coming weeks. With the updates, YouTube is definitely showing that live streaming remains an important area of ​​the video platform and they are constantly striving to improve it.

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