Mostro Barchetta Zagato: The classic LeMans as a role model

Zagato has unveiled a new retro-look car at Villa D’Este. Maserati technology oscillates under the chassis.

Italian icons Maserati and Zagato have a long history together, beginning in 1931 with the Maserati 8C 2500 Sport Zagato. At Villa D’Este 2022, Zagato will write a new chapter in his joint history with Mostro Barchetta Zagato. The Mostro Zagato was introduced as a coupe in 2015 in the same place. The open version follows seven years later. Both refer directly to the 1957 Maserati 450S Coupé Zagato, which competed in the 24 Hours of LeMans.

Carbon chassis and Maserati engine

Like the Mostra Zagato, of which five are built, the Mostro Barchetta Zagato also uses a carbon monocoque from Belgian sports car manufacturer Gillet with a bolt-on steel subframe. Connection to Maserati is provided by the available engines. The popular 4.2-liter V8 and the new V6 biturbo engine are available here. The performance range is from 420 to 630 hp, which guarantees decent driving performance with a weight of only about 1,200 kg. Shifting is via a six-speed sequential gearbox. The engine sits behind the front axle, and the transmission is direct-engined. The rear wheels are driven.

The 19-inch light-alloy wheels, which are mounted with a central lock, are steered by wishbones and a drivetrain suspension. It is fitted with 255/40 tires at the front and 295/35 tires at the rear. Braking power is provided by a four-piston system from AP Racing.

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Only 5 will be built

The classically drawn carbon body is closely aligned with that of the coupe. However, Zagato, as a barchetta, has no ceiling at all. Behind the two passengers are two roll-up bars with air domes running out behind them. The cockpit view is defined by a seven-wheel analogue dial, an airbag-less sports steering wheel and plenty of visible leather and carbon surfaces.

Like the Mostro Zagato, only five copies of the Mostro Barchetta Zagato must be made. All are already set. The first copy was delivered to its owner in Villa D’Este. As usual, Zagato does not mention prices. But it must be in the seven-digit range.

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Seven years after the Mostro zagato, the Italians released a convertible version of the retro sports car, the Mostro Barchetta Zagato. The engines come from Maserati again, only five copies were made, all of which will likely disappear into a collector’s garage.

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