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It’s often easy to see why two people find each other attractive on a first date. A short skirt on it, a shirt highlighting his muscular torso. But bacteria are also important for it to function.

Bacteria is a matter of taste

A couple meets on their first date on a dance floor downstairs: before they both hit the dance floor, they have a glass of fine wine. The first sip of wine tasted agreeable. But the exit, after 20-30 seconds, is really good. And they have invisible helpers to thank: the bacteria in the mouth’s flora. They break down the sulfur compounds in wine and make them volatile. Only then can the flavors ever be tasted by the tongue.

I can smell you good

Such a delicious wine naturally puts you in a good mood. There is nothing stopping the spouses – they both have to get on the dance floor. So it doesn’t take long for the sweat to start flowing. He and she now get a very special smell in their noses – and it really excites them! Bacteria are also responsible for this, because our skin is full of bacteria. This is good. Because most of them belong to the “good guys” and do no harm to us. On the contrary, without it, the “bad guys” would quickly spread and cause harm.

Everyone has their own combination of bacteria on their skin, which also break down sweat. Depending on the group of bacteria operating, a very typical smell develops – similar to the smell of wine. This typical scent can then be more attractive to some and less attractive to others!

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

The whole movement makes the two hungry. And again: where would we be without our little helpers? This time in the gut. Up to 100 trillion of them are mocked there. Not all of them are the same bacteria, but up to 1,000 different species. They open up our food so we can use it better. Without bacteria, we wouldn’t be able to get many vitamins and nutrients. F: Bacteria stimulate the formation of blood vessels in the intestinal mucosa. Nutrients can only be excreted from the intestine through the blood vessels!

Everyone has their own bacterial composition in their gut, their own ‘zoo’. This has a critical impact on what you can tolerate – and in what amounts. Because whether or not you tend to gain fat quickly is also likely related to your gut flora. At least that’s what an experiment on mice showed. In the experiment, mice with unfavorable intestinal flora gained weight, despite eating less than their littermates. Kind of unfair!

A special kind of immune training

Our husband liked it, fat deposits or not. And because love is known to pass through the stomach, the two are now in action: they kiss wildly. In principle, such kissing is nothing more than a small oral vaccination.

A germ exchange that can be compared to immune training – and only in very few cases does something go wrong. This is partly due to the bacteria in the gut, which are responsible not only for digestion but also for ‘safety’. You can distinguish between “good” and “bad”. And if an unwanted intruder manages to get into the body – let us know. They report to the “body police” who restrain and neutralize the intruder.

Man would not be viable without his germs. Together with them he forms a kind of supernatural being! This is why we’re not totally alone at a candlelit dinner for two – but in the company of billions!!

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