How Wangin’s Culture Has Suffered Lately

The current municipal concert and theater season ended with the play “Kabale und Liebe”. The second season was under Corona conditions. “We started off full of optimism in mid-September with our first Old Town concert,” says Susan Hertenberger, who is responsible for cultural events in Wangen.

Good start in the fall

The concert was greeted with Christophe Brigaardian (tenor), Trong Sam (piano) and subsequent master class. The opening ceremony for the traditional theatrical season at Jazz Point in early October was well attended and gave hope for a successful season, she said.

Theater season begins in Wangan Plus

Unfortunately, the epidemic situation worsened relatively quickly in the fall, the number of visitors decreased again, and at the end of November, the town hall was converted into a vaccination center for a short period. Then the city canceled all events until the end of the year.

It has all been cancelled

These include several cabarets, the Old Town Concert with Friedrich Thiel (cello) and Naoko Sonoda (piano), the play “Our Man in Havannna” and – for the second time since 2020 – the Christmas Theatre, Urmel aus dem Eis. Although it could have happened under certain conditions, given the high rate of occurrence and not least the lack of space, it made sense not to hold any events for the time being.

The vaccination center left no space

The omicron wave did the rest of January, according to a culture official’s report, and led to individual cancellations for various reasons. In addition, Stadthalle remained an immunization center until the end of March. For this reason, the play “Kabale und Liebe” was postponed to May 20, as there was no other room available with proper stage equipment.

Wangen City cancels all cultural events

Wangen City cancels all cultural events Plus

Some cabaret events can be held in the Häge Forge or in the village community center in Deuchelried, and plays and concerts in the community center in St. Petersburg. Ulrich, as well as at Deuchelried, or in the ballroom of the Waldorf School. Württembergische Landesbühne Esslingen was a guest there on Mother’s Day with the piece “Backbeat – The Beatles of Hamburg”. “An evening that made organizers, artists, and audiences dream about the passage of time,” says Susanne Hertenberger. The nearly three-hour rock ‘n’ roll show impressed nearly 200 spectators, the band played several times and the mood was much more relaxed than in previous months without the restrictions of Corona. She hopes “it can and should continue in this way”.

Significant decrease in the number of visitors

Old town concerts in Wangen are usually better attended than theater performances. This has also been the case in the past two years. However, the number of visitors has fallen dramatically, but the costs – mainly due to the complex Corona regulations – have gone up, and Hertenberger is still balancing. This applies not only to Wangen, but to all theaters and concert halls in general.

“Fortunately, the city of Wangen, as a guest venue on Inthega for 2021 and 2022, was able to take advantage of the ‘Restart Culture – Theater in Motion’ funding program and thus make up at least part of the lost income,” the Culture Director wrote.

The theater season in Wanjin ends with

Wangen Theater season ends with “Kabale und Liebe”

Habits have changed

It is now quite a challenge for the city of Wangen and probably most organizers to get back the old crowds and new people interested in culture. Not only does uncertainty persist due to the pandemic, but people’s habits have also changed.

positive vision

“It is important not to give up. Music, theater and art are important components of our social life,” says Hertenberger. That is why the city of Wangen and the cultural community have prepared a diverse and exciting musical and theater program for the upcoming season. The program brochure will be published in July.

“In addition, the Children’s Festival, Cultural Night and Italian Night will finally return this year in the usual way,” she declares.

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