Grimme Award 2022: rbb win in the Fiction, Documentary and Entertainment categories

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Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb) is delighted with its three Grimme Awards. The fantasy series “Tina Mobile”, the documentary series “Charity Intensive: Station 43” and the episode “She Cromer” with guest guest Torsten Stratter won the TV Famous Award.

Patricia Schlesinger, rbb director: “Three rbb productions – ‘Tina Mobil’, ‘Charitéensive: Station 43’ and ‘Chez Krömer’ – have been honored with the Grimme Award. They all represent rbb’s excellence in both fiction and documentaries, but also In the field of entertainment, it is dedicated to social related issues. I am very happy and congratulate all the participants for this wonderful award.”

“Tina Mobile” in the “Fantasy” category

In the ‘Fiction’ category, screenwriter Lila Stiller, director Richard Hooper and outstanding actress Gabriella Maria Schmid (actress of the whole group) were honored with the Grimme Award for the six-part series “Tina Mobil” (XFilme Creative Pool for rbb).. Tina Mobil” about the main character Tina. She has three children. Live for them and toil for them. When her boss, baker Zollerich, fired her without warning after 20 years, Tina was by her side. And now? unemployed? It has nothing. Tina becomes a self-employed person and moves around all the cities in northern Berlin that do not have a bakery or supermarket with her own mobile bakery. Tina also has a plan for her children. The only thing that always comes is life…

In six episodes, the mini-series tells a funny and sometimes sad story about a mother of three in Pankow who absolutely does not want to give up. In an environment that doesn’t show up much – a story of love, strength, challenge, and assertiveness.

From the jury statement: “And who could pull this lively and wonderful series together if not the great Gabriella Maria Schmid as Tina? Her eyes sparkle with rebellion, courage to fight, fatigue, irrepressible joy, quiet depression, and tenderness.” […] The jury has seen many great products this year that address precarious working conditions. Tina Mobil belongs to a class of its own in the genre.

Tina Mobile is produced by X Filme Creative Pool (Producer: Michael Pool, Producer: Maximiliane Prokop) on behalf of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (Editor: Kerstin Freels). The screenplay was written by Lila Stiller and directed by Richard Hooper. First Edition: ARD Mediathek, Thursday 16 September 2021, 6 x 45 minutes

Honoring the documentary series “Khariti Intensive: Station 43” in the Media and Culture category.

Karl Gerstorfer (text/director/image design), Marek Müller (screenplay), Ronald Rist (montage), Antje Boehmert (production), and Utt Butler (editing) were awarded the Grimme Prize in the category “Information and Culture. Pandemic Shows. The Daily Life of a Suite Covid Day and night, doctors and nurses fight for the lives of those who have been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus. Watching closely and without comment, says “Intense Charité” of this fight in a microcosm that knows no time of day, determined by the spotlight Bright and beeping machines.

From the jury statement: “With a respectful and respectful look, the Director accompanies a handful of staff, doctors and patients at one of Europe’s largest hospitals in the daily struggle for health for life. […] ‘Charité intensiv’ wird uns immer daran erinnern, dass Leugnen niemandem hilft, dass Beten vielleicht manchen hilft, dass die richtige Therapie und die nötige Geduld und Ausdauer Leben retten können und dass eine funktionierende Gesundheitsversorgung von großer Bedeutung ist: Sie bildet das Rückgrat einer gesunden Community.”

“Charitéensive: Station 43” is a production by DOCDAYS Productions (Producer: Antje Boehmert) commissioned by rbb for ARD Media Library. Executed by Karl Gerstorfer (Author, Camera, and Director) and Marek Müller (Co-Author), and Editing by Ronald Rist. The editors were Ute Beutler and Barbara Lohoff (both rbb). First Edition: ARD Mediathek, Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 4 x 30 – 34 min

“Chez Krömer” with guest star Torsten Sträter was awarded the Grimme Prize in the “Entertainment” category

Kurt Krömer and Thorsten Stratter were awarded the Grimme Award in the ‘Entertainment’ category for the episode ‘Chez Krömer’. Comedian Torsten Sträter was the first guest of the fourth season of “Chez Krömer” ( for rbb). In addition to professional comedies, Krömer and Sträter have another personal experience in common: dealing with depression. The interrogation room becomes a space for a sudden and honest exchange.

From the jury statement: “It’s an eye-level conversation, a captivating dialogue about a common interest. This constellation is so exciting, poignant and instructive as it creates a wonderful television moment in which we can watch a process: a break into depressive disorders.”

For Kurt Cromer, it’s already the third Grimme Award. In 2011 he was awarded the “Krömer – The International Show” (RBB). In 2020 he was successful with the first season of “Chez Krömer”.

“She Kromer” | Guest: Torsten Sträter (S04 / E01) produced by Probono Fernsehproduktion GmbH (Producer: Friedrich Küppersbusch) for rbb. Directed by Michael Mayer, the editors were Jürgen Stark (RPB). First Edition: ARD Mediathek, March 22, 2021, 30 min

Today (May 31) the Grimme Institute announced the TV shows and shows that will be honored as Outstanding Models this year. The 58th Grimme Award Ceremony will take place on August 26, 2022 at the Marl City Theatre. The Grimme is one of Germany’s most popular television awards.

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