Grimme Award 2022 for “Tina Mobil” and “Who’s Stealing the Show from Me?” and “Charitéensive” – ​​

Excellent in fantasy class Of the 58th Grimme Award is Sky’s four-part series “The Ibiza Affair”, which the jury described as a “wild blend of action, crime, political thriller, drama and slapstick”, as well as the unsettling 90-minute “Sörensen’s Hat” Also recognized are the TV movie “Delivered”, the movie “Sabine” from the series “Polizeiruf 110” and the series “Tina Mobil” from rbb (“a class of its own in the genre”) – all stories about precarious working conditions. The actor can Bjarne Mädel to be doubly happy, taking home two Grimme Awards in one category this year for “Geliefert” and “Sörensen hat Angst.” The Marler Group Audience Award is now being honored for the first time with “The Mopes.” The jury was impressed Special to Nora Cherner’s acting performance.

in Entertainment category WDR series “Friday Night Jewish” with Daniel Donskoy and primetime contest “Who Steals the Show?” With Joko Winterscheidt on the Grimme Award. In addition, the episode “Chez Krömer” in which Kurt Krömer talks candidly with Torsten Stratter about her experience with depression — is awarded “a great TV moment,” according to the jury.

for you Special press achievement ZDF journalist Catherine Eggendorf has been honored in four ‘auslandsjournal’ reports and documentaries on the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan. According to the jury, their “excellent reporting”, no longer than 30 minutes, is “the best possible journalistic work in times of crisis.”

in Information and culture category The four-part rbb series “Charitéensive: Station 43”, which “sustained one of the worst phases of the epidemic in four times and 30 minutes”, won awards, as well as the solo documentaries “Hanau – Eine Nacht und ist Folge” about relatives of victims The racist attack in Hanau 2020, and “Oeconomia” on the simple but difficult to answer question “How is money made?” and “Schwarze Adler” on racism in football. The first-time student jury, made up of students from the University of Cologne, awards its prize to the family portrait “Ona Primavera” that shows domestic violence and its effects on the family very personally and according to the jury “for a critical examination of societal expectations of women”.

With the Grimme Award in children and youth category The MDR short film “Seepferdchen” is about a swimming teacher who escapes to Germany via the Mediterranean. The award was also awarded to the radio series ‘offen un ‘Ehrlich’ from Radio Saarland. The jury found that the entertaining consumer magazine is now “not only at the highest level in terms of content, but also technically.” Petra Boberg and Kristen Rotten received a Special Grimm Award for their “sensitive, target-group- and cross-media” perception and recognition of the documentary series “Umm Umm?! Now We’re Talking!” by Hessischer Rundfunk. The Distinguished Documentary Series initially gave children and youth a chance to speak during the pandemic, and later also trainees and students.

The A special honor from the German Association for Adult Education (DVV) This year goes to artist, comedian, presenter and actress Anke Engelke, whose innovative creativity and versatility has provided premium services to television without being restricted to certain genres or target groups. “Anke Engelke keeps raising the mirror to us with a unique irony. And what we see there isn’t always fun, but it helps us recognize our educational needs,” says DVV President, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Engelke’s parodies show where we lack enlightenment or where a change of perspective would benefit us. Anyone who recognizes his gaps with a smile and sets out to fill them acts in the spirit of adult education centers.”

Striking: Series and movies from streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video got almost nothing in this award year: With “Schwarze Adler,” there’s only one production on the award-winning list created for the streaming service — in collaboration with ZDF. In general, it is clear that common law institutions dominate this year as well.

Director Grimm D. In short, Frauke Gerlach says:

“In light of far-reaching processes of social and global change, traumatic crises and the increasing digitization of the audience, the demand for high-quality television programming is increasing.”

In addition, it is important to reach heterogeneous target groups:

And in this respect, the award-winning products in the categories Children, Youth and Entertainment are particularly convincing this time around. They are successful in informing, giving direction and entertaining with objectivity, appreciation, empathy and also witty humor. Reporting and documentaries in the information and culture category, as well as multi-layered material and storytelling in the fiction category, are also of good quality, and the trend is on the rise in this award year.”

The 58th Grimme Award will be presented on August 26 at the Marl City Theater and will be televised by 3sat with a time delay starting at 10:25 PM.

An overview of the winners and nominees:

Fantasy Category Winner

It was also nominated in the Fantasy Movies category:

Special Nominations

Winner in the Media and Culture category

They were also nominated in the media and culture category, and they are:

Special Nominations

Nominated for her achievements in the private press

  • Schwag Lagay, Jacques Sabusz, Claes van Deken and Nicole Vogel for their “Observer” report “European Shadow Army: Pushbacks on the Bosnian-Croat Border” (WDR) as part of an international research project
  • Meteorologist Osden Terley for his vivid and stark depictions of the consequences of climate change on various programs on ZDF (ZDF)

Entertainment Category Winner

They were also nominated in the Entertainment category:

Winner in the Children and Youth Category

Also nominated in the Children and Youth category are:

Kids’ Nominations

A special honor from the German Association for Adult Education

to Anke Engelke

The author of this article has been a member of the Grimme Prize Entertainment jury since 2020.

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