Corona’s repercussions: eight million euros for culture and tourism

Hamburg Corona consequences

Eight million euros for culture and tourism

Tourists look at the panorama of Hamburg, looking in the direction of the Elbphilharmonie.

Tourists look at the panorama of Hamburg. More of them should come to the Hanseatic City again. The Senate wants help and invests in cultural performances in the summer and advertising ffor tourism.

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In order to attract more tourists to the Hanseatic city, the Senate launched a funding program on Tuesday. Eight million euros of money will flow to restart after the Corona pandemic, for example, into an outdoor culture and a new gaming convention.

nFew other sectors in Hamburg have suffered from the Corona pandemic, such as culture and tourism. In order to further strengthen the important economic sectors of the Hanseatic city, the red and green Senate decided on a support program of eight million euros on Tuesday. It is the last time corona agents have been used for this purpose.

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Half of the money goes to culture and the other half goes to tourism, Economist Michael Westagman (Independent) said Tuesday after a Senate hearing.

After the massive recession during the Corona pandemic, the goal is to create additional travel opportunities, but also to attract one-day visitors to visit Hamburg. 2.35 million euros are available for tourism marketing, 1.15 million euros for the promotion of tourism business trips such as conference visits and 500 thousand euros for the promotion of tourism events.

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Announcing a visit to Hamburg will start in other European countries, among other places. Because at a time when guests from the region and from Germany as a whole are increasingly visiting Hamburg again, it is clear that foreign guests are still missing. Financial Senator Andreas Dressel (SPD), whose authority runs Corona money, said above all in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands they want to advertise Hamburg as a destination. And according to Dressel, he hopes these investments will pay off. “The hope is that the city’s rate of return will be high.

Food Festival is coming

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Westhagemann said there’s a lot to announce, for example, the August cruise days or the port’s birthday, which have been pushed back to the fall. The city also plans to hold a food festival in the short term and expand the Polaris Games Conference scheduled for October to include esports. How attractive digital trade shows were last seen with rock stars for internet marketing. “There weren’t any free hotel beds,” Westhagemann says, and it was impossible to get a taxi at the start of the trade fair.

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Culture Senator Carsten Prosda (SPD) emphasized that culture is the focus of funding for outdoor events. 3.3 million euros planned for this alone. Support requests can be submitted from 15 June. The deadline to register for events through the end of October is August 31.

Anniversary Celebration

According to Prosda, who already two weeks ago presented long-term plans to stimulate cultural tourism in the Hanseatic city, it was a “concrete stimulus push”. According to the senator, the projects now funded are the first to detail what a new cultural tourism strategy could look like. In addition to the outdoor events, the Hamburg History Museum (100 years), the John Neumeier Ballet (50 years), the Campaign for Art in Public Space (40 years), and the Film Festival (30 years) will receive funds capable of celebrating their anniversaries.

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Michael Kreuse, leader of the Free Democratic Party in Hamburg, praised the new initiative. This will come very late in the summer, but tourism and culture would have particularly suffered from the Senate’s restrictive policy and could use additional funding now.

The president of the Hamburg Taxpayers Association sees things differently. Petra Ackman strongly criticized the Senate. The Culture and Tourism Tax was introduced in 2012 for the mentioned measures. “Tourism, sports and culture must be financed from the utensils designated for this purpose.” In light of the turbulent times, it is not time to “finance individual selected measures”.

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