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Sky expert Didi Hamann in his column assesses the Champions League final and the chaotic events before the match. The former Liverpool player classifies the Reds season and criticizes Thiago. Hamann explains the Real Madrid legend and praises the merits of Toni Kroos.

On Saturday evening, the whole world watched the Champions League final at the Stade de France. You have to analyze exactly where the exact causes of the pre-game chaos lie. Something like this shouldn’t happen.

Huge amounts of money are transferred with the first order. The European Football Association (UEFA) did not veil itself with glory for the second time. The Champions League and Europa League finals are the highlights of European football. Both have significant organizational flaws and this is unacceptable.

There can always be an issue with fake tickets, but when – as in Seville – the supply breaks down around the stadium and the fans inside the stadium don’t have water for seven or eight hours, that’s bad and needs to be addressed.

1st place: Real Madrid is a great club

Real Madrid used all their experience in the final and won the handle for the 14th time.

After losing to Liverpool in the European Cup final in Paris 1981, Real Madrid reached the Champions League final eight times – and won eight times. By adding two UEFA Cup finals, Real Madrid has won all ten finals since then. Real don’t play finals, they win finals. You have to realize that this club is capable of creating an unparalleled strength. They were almost eliminated three times in the knockout stages against Paris, Chelsea and Manchester City, but against all odds they overcame them. This club is great and so is the team.

Between self-confidence and arrogance

The Real Madrid legend is a balance between great self-confidence and arrogance, but it is also in the players’ mind that no one wants to be the first to lose in a final after more than 40 years. The team spirit they showed again in Paris is incredible. They looked like an old team in some knockout matches, but three months later they had the bet in their dressing room. You can only tip your hat this far.

TOP 2: Liverpool have to renew themselves a little

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Liverpool, the best team, lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

Real Madrid is not a team that controls the game. They defended and waited for their chances. They played a lot of games and were very happy to go into the break without conceding a sheet because they have a better bench than Liverpool. I was expecting them to be more active, but Real Madrid barely got out of their own half in the first 25 minutes.

But Liverpool missed the train. I don’t know if it was the physical tiredness after the last few hard weeks or if it was mental fatigue. But they weren’t as convincing as we know them. And when they had a good chance, the outstanding Courtois was in Real Madrid’s goal.

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Toni Kroos after the CL final with encouraging words for Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool.

In three finals, in the FA Cup and the Premier League Cup, each with extra time, Liverpool have not scored a single goal overall. this is important.

Jurgen Klopp and his team have set high standards in recent years. They have reached the CL Final three times in four years, once won the Premier League and finished second twice – each one behind Manchester City by a point. They had a great season, but in the end they were “only” there with two awards. I think this could leave an impact.

Thiago is one of the most overrated players

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Robert Lewandowski visits Monaco GB and talks about his future on Sky Micro.

In my opinion, the Reds need to refresh the squad a bit, especially in the midfield. I don’t understand the hype about Thiago. For me he is one of the most overrated players in European football. When things are going well and you have a lot of possession he is a good player, but when the push comes in you can’t see him. If you need someone to put accents, he doesn’t. Keita is also disappointing, Henderson is a factor. They need a player who can make the difference and give the team something extra.

I like my mane better abroad

To do this, they need to consider replacing a mane in advance. Diaz is a good player but Mane has been scoring regularly four or five years ago. His departure would be a great loss for Liverpool.

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Bayern’s hopes of getting a quick response from Sadio Mane over the move have been dashed. After the CL final, his future remains unclear.

Is it suitable for Bayern Munich? Mane can play in attacking position, but I don’t like him there as much as I like him outside. He’s 30 now and could eventually play for the nine if he loses some speed as Cristiano Ronaldo did. On the other hand, it’s great for a coach to have a player who can play outside or in the middle. Bayern will find players to have a strong squad again in the summer.

At the Stade de France, there were three ex-Bayern Munich players Thiago, David Alaba and Toni Kroos, as well as Carlo Ancelotti as ex-Bayern Munich coach. I’m happy for all three.

For Alaba, it was the third victory in the First Division, with Ancelotti winning the Champions League four times. His closeness to the players and his indomitable confidence in them is what sets him apart from other coaches. He knows exactly which players to count on. No matter where he was, he did a great job. He is an incredibly calm and reserved man. I love to listen and watch it, so I am very happy for it.

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Carlo Ancelotti is proud after Real Madrid won the Champions League.

Kroos even won the Champions League for the fifth time. There is nothing to add. He played well all season, but he had a great game yesterday in the second half.

The Prophet is often ignored in his own

There is a saying about the Prophet who has no value in his country, and there is something about it. I myself have lived abroad for 20 years and then see one thing or the other a little differently. If he perceives it this way, it is his right. Whether he’s right or not is another discussion, and I wouldn’t want to get involved in it.

Without seeing Kroos himself cut short the interview, there was nothing wrong with Real Madrid’s performance. You don’t like seeing something like that, but I have some sympathy for the player.

Kroos is one of the greatest players in German football. He has won the Champions League five times, and the German will never do so again.

You can’t compare the players to each other, but if you take the absolute elite of German football, and then we are with Beckenbauer, Sealer and Matthaus, then Tony comes in the back for me.

This is what separates Modric and Kroos from everyone else

It takes an incredible amount of humility and willpower when you’ve already won the first class five times. This is a distinct trait that distinguishes Kroos and Luka Modric from others.

Kroos is 32, Modric will soon be 37, Casemiro is 29 and this hub can still operate at the highest level for another year. I think Tony can play at a high level for another two or three years. But you also need to know how long he’s still hungry.

If you had told me last year, after losing the semi-final against Chelsea, that they were going to win the Champions League with this midfield in 2022, I would have said: ‘You’re crazy’. The fact that they made it shows what kind of professionals and athletes they are.

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