58th Grimme Prize Announced: The Jury Has Awarded 16 Grimme Prizes

Grimme Director Dr. says. Frauk Gerlach. In addition, it is important to reach heterogeneous target groups: “In this respect, the award-winning products in the children, youth and entertainment categories are particularly compelling this time. They have succeeded in informing, providing direction and entertainment with objectivity, appreciation, empathy and also masterful humor”, as “Award winning reports and documentaries are also of good quality,” Gerlach says and continues, “and the trend is on the rise this year with award in the information, culture, complex material, and narrative styles category in the fiction category.” Escape and eviction, precarious living and working conditions, and overcoming issues mental illness;

In general, juries 16 Grimme Awards have been awarded. The Marler Group Audience Award is given to a product in the Fiction category held for the first time this year Student jury Honors productions in the category of media and culture.

Special honor for the prize sponsor, the German Association for Adult Education (DVV)

Starts in 2022 Anke Engelk. As an artist, comedian, presenter and actress, she has been shaping German television for more than four decades. Through her innovative creativity and ingenious versatility, Anke Engelke has made an exemplary contribution to the medium of television without being limited to certain genres or target groups. “Anke Engelke keeps raising the mirror to us with a unique irony. And what we see there isn’t always fun, but it helps us recognize our educational needs,” says DVV President, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Engelke’s parodies show where we lack enlightenment or where a change of perspective would benefit us. Anyone who recognizes his gaps with a smile and sets out to fill them acts in the spirit of adult education centers.”

Grimme Award for

“Private Press Achievement”

received this year Catherine Eggendorf (ZDF) For her “excellent reporting on the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan,” according to the Grimm jury.

all in all

53 award winners

May on August 26 2022 at the Marl Theater receive the cup. mediator jo choc During the awards ceremony again.


Information and culture category

In addition to Catherine Eggendorf, four works of art were honoured. In “Hanau – One Night and Its Repercussions” (HR) the development of events surrounding the racist attack on February 19, 2020 and its consequences for relatives is presented. “Schwarze Adler” (Broadview Pictures for Amazon Prime Video/ZDF) deals with the decades of racism that athletes experienced in Germany and continues to experience today. The film “Oeconomia” (Petrolio Film for ZDF / 3sat) about economics and finance and the series “Charitéensive: Station 43” (DOCDAYS Productions for rbb), its creators worked for several months on doctors, nurses, patients and accompanying relatives. them to the Corona Pavilion in the Berlin Charité.

with the

Audience Award from Marler Group

becomes serial “fools” (UFA Fiction for Warner TV Comedy), which, like other award year products, Depression topic puts in the center. “Depression needs acceptance!” Marl’s group said in their justification: “Acceptance of those who are afflicted by it and acceptance in society.”


Student Jury Prize

Goes to the family photo “Ona Primavera” (Produced by Johannes Schubert), which shows domestic violence and its effects on the family in a very personal way.

Even the ones that are often overlooked

Children and youth

Mentally suffering from the Corona pandemic for more than two years. The original concept of “At the limit?! Now we’re talking!” HR puts this group first and allows them to report on their personal experiences and limitations. Kristen Rutten and Petra Boberge were awarded the Special Prize for this concept.
moderation team “Frank and Honest” (SR/funk) He won the Grimme Award for his individual style and unconventional presentation. Also a great short film “Seahorse” (Baden-Württemberg Film Academy for MDR) On how young Hanan deals with trauma after fleeing Iraq.

fantasy class

Current Social and Political Discourses also feature award-winning productions in the fiction category. With “Polizeiruf 110 – Sabine” (NDR fictional film) an exceptional production is given about precarious living conditions. “The pressing political issue of the impoverishment of entire social classes is sympathetically, rigorously and subtly divided into the figure of single mother Sabine,” the Grimm jury said in its justification.
With “The Ibiza Affair” (W&B Television/Epo-Film for Sky Germany) about the scandal surrounding the scandalous video of the former Austrian Vice Chancellor and “Tina Mobil” (X Films Creative Pool for rbb), two formats of the series will receive a Grimm Award in the novel.
Director and actor Bjarne Mädel has been honored twice: in the TV movie “Delivered” (TV60 movie production for BR/ARTE), he plays a single father in precarious working and living conditions. In “Sörensen hat Angst” (a Claussen + Putz film production for NDR) he portrays the role of a police inspector affected by anxiety disorders while also making his directorial debut with the production.

corona pandemic

Whether it’s in a TV movie, in a comedy series, or in talk form, the topic of mental health is becoming more important to society – not least because of the coronavirus pandemic – and is presented in a variety of forms. Two people from the entertainment industry open their own access to a wide range of depression: in “Chez Krömer | Guest: Torsten Sträter” (probono.tv for rbb) Kurt Krumer and Torsten Sträter talk candidly about their own experiences and the dark stages of the disease that afflicts both personally.
With “Who is stealing the show from me?” (Florida Television for ProSieben) An unconventional format is awarded “in a genre that has already produced countless variations,” according to the Grimme jury. The Turbokultur for WDR program on Jewish life in Germany was also honored with the Grimme Prize.

“It is remarkable that

Creativity in the entertainment sector

She has successfully broken the oppressive everyday life into media reporting during the pandemic. “Entertainment TV is informative and substantial, but it’s always light and fun,” says Grimme director Gerlach. The award-winning productions demonstrate that entertainment in its multifaceted form is an indispensable part of television. This applies not only to private broadcasters, but also to public broadcasters, whose programming tasks are currently being fixed.

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