“Confirmation is a big symbol for every community”: Pastor Bud Godesberg Oliver Bloch says about the day, which about 150,000 young people will experience again in the coming weeks.

Confirmation is one of the most famous church services

subordinate Confirmation Service It was one of the best attended services in Protestant churches before the Corona pandemic. Bloch says it’s good to be able to get back on more normal paths. On the other hand, there was not a year to do without much: no free time, no training, not even a parent’s evening, said the pastor.

“Plus, I’ve never seen kids in their school year without a mask. I almost didn’t know them with their real faces.”

So many priests make a special effort to prepare the service with a great deal of love, says Bloch. Service should be “festive, but friendly and interesting”. “It is important that young people and their families live a day they will never forget,” he says. The Sunday newspaper explains what is important and what churchgoers need to know.

What is confirmation?

One affirmation family party. In many families, the affirmation refers to Growth step from child to adolescent. So it is not only an important occasion for young people but also for their parents, siblings, grandparents and godparents. After the service, families usually invite their guests for dinner and let the day end together.

The Religious significance to emphasize Derived from the Latin etymology meaning “confirm”. this means roadblockConfirmation and belief that young evangelical Christians say “yes” to their baptism. May confirmed godparents She can be found in some regional churches on electing a priest Take part.

Who can confirm it?

Protestant boys and girls usually go to church at the age of 13 or 14 confirmation. According to current statistics from the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), 156,078 young people were confirmed in 2020. This is more than two-thirds of all young people baptized as Protestants, says the head of education at the EKD church office, Birgit Sendler-Kochl.

One or two years prior to confirmation assertion class, where young people learn the origins of faith. You will learn what baptism and the Lord’s Supper mean, study the Bible and deal with important prayers and texts such as the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments and the Creed.

Do young people choose stress because of money?

It is often assumed that boys and girls mainly go back to what is expected gifts of money It was decided for affirmation and not because of the act of recognition. Theologian Sendler-Koschel also knows this accusation. Refers to scientific results. Confi-unpublished study shows that anyone supports confirmation Decide, do it consciously.

What happens during the service?

In the service center is pond Affirmations. From the start, personal blessing and encouragement from an individual Bible verse were part of the affirmation. Those who affirm them confess before the blessing Believe And they say “yes” to a mature Christian life. In many societies you will dinner, which is part of the affirmation, which was celebrated the previous evening. This shortens the service life to about 1.5 hours.

Should I consider anything as a visitor?

as such churchgoers One is part of the Church, and the Church is not an audience. Many gatherings hire a photographer to take pictures while on duty. Therefore, taking your photos with your smartphone is unnecessary and annoying.

“Relatives who would never have gone to church otherwise are still willing to share in whatever happens in the ministry,” says Reverend Bloch.

“They expect the church to be boring, and then they are surprised that something existential has happened.”

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