+++ Ukraine war news +++: Ukraine wants to take back Cherson

The Ukrainian army continues to attack and wants to repel Russia at Cherson. Meanwhile, Lavrov calls Donbass an “unconditional priority.”

Kyiv has always celebrated its 1500th anniversary on the last Sunday in May – even during the war Photo: ap

Ukraine wants to take back Kherson

Ukrainian forces launched a counterattack in the southern Kherson region. And the Ukrainian General Staff announced, on Monday evening, that the Russian army had retreated near the three villages of Andreyevka, Lusoy and Beloherka. “Kherson, stand firm, we are close,” the General Staff said on Facebook. Russian forces build defensive lines around Cherson.

Initially, there was no information from the Russian side. Greater Cherson is the only region in Ukraine controlled by Russian forces since the beginning of the war. The newly appointed pro-Russian officials of Cherson had already expressed their desire to incorporate the region into Russia. Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Wednesday to provide residents of the region with Russian passports in a simplified procedure.

If the Ukrainian army regains control of Kherson, it will be very symbolic, since the Russian army captured the region at the beginning of the offensive that began on February 24. The location of the city in southern Ukraine at the mouth of the Dnieper River and close to the Russian-annexed Crimea is of strategic importance.

Kyiv also launched attacks in the south of the country at the weekend as a counter-offensive to the Russian advance in the Donbass. (afp/dpa)

Barbock: Amending the Basic Law of the German Fund for a Good Compromise

For Foreign Minister Annalena Barbuk, the agreement between the government and the EU to amend the Basic Law of the €100 billion Bundeswehr Special Fund is a good compromise. “We have now put in place a comprehensive package with which we can quickly fulfill our NATO commitments,” said the Green Party politician in Deutschland Funk. “We have to make the Bundeswehr fit so that we can defend our eastern NATO partners.” The gaps are “unfortunately more dramatic” than might have been guessed at the start of the Ukraine war.

Barbock expressed his confidence in achieving the two-thirds majority needed to amend the Basic Law to strengthen the Bundeswehr. This was discussed in groups. The defense strategy against the cyber-attacks you claim will also be enshrined in the separate incorporation act. (rtr)

Mixing languages ​​in a counselor’s style

🐾 German arms deliveries are only one brick, and their impact on signals is even more significant: Ukraine must be able to count on Germany, writes Tanya Tricario, head of local TAZ.

Lavrov: Donbass is an “unconditional priority” for Russia

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called taking Donbass an “unconditional priority.” The Russian Foreign Ministry said it was about pushing the Ukrainian army and battalions from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which Moscow recognizes as independent states. The ministry posted the answers on Sunday on the website.

In the interview, Lavrov again spoke about the alleged “liberation” of Donbass from the “Kyiv regime”. He also responded to a question about Putin’s health. The foreign minister said the president appears in public every day. “You can watch him on screens and read and hear his shows. I don’t think sane people can see signs of illness or feel the malaise of this person.” (dpa)

Russian forces advance to Sievierodonetsk in eastern Ukraine

According to the authorities, two civilians were killed when Russian forces advanced on the outskirts of the eastern Ukrainian city of Sierodonetsk. Luhansk region governor Serhiy Gaidai said five other civilians were wounded. Russian forces had advanced to the southeast and northeast of the besieged city and would attack with heavy weapons and air support. (rtr)

Endangered Kremlin critics must be able to flee to Germany

According to a press report, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media have agreed on admission criteria for particularly vulnerable Kremlin critics from Russia. The “Funke Mediengruppe” newspapers reported that the endangered groups would be helped faster and less bureaucratic with a residence permit to flee Russia.

After studying the case, they get permission for a longer stay in Germany and not, as in the past, a Schengen visa limited to a maximum of 90 days. According to the report, groups of people at risk include human rights defenders threatened with political persecution, members of the opposition, staff of human rights organizations and scholars, as well as journalists who are specifically at risk. (rtr)

143 million oligarchs’ assets have been frozen

According to a press report, approximately 143 million euros of assets belonging to the Russian oligarchs have been frozen in German accounts since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As of May 23, these Russian companies and institutions were confiscated under EU law, the newspaper reported picture Citing information from the Federal Ministry of Finance. Accordingly, the value of the assets confiscated at the end of February – shortly after the start of the war – amounted to 342 thousand euros. By March 21, German financial institutions had already reported freezing about 95 million oligarchs of the Bundesbank. (rtr)

The oil embargo controversy: the leader of the EPP group for a difficult path against Hungary

In discussions about a planned EU ban on oil imports from Russia, CSU European politician Manfred Weber spoke out against far-reaching compromises in favor of Hungary. “Frankly, I am tired of the fact that the entire EU has to follow hesitation when it comes to sanctions decisions,” the head of the European Parliament’s Christian Democratic Party group said ahead of a special EU summit on Monday. And on Tuesday, the German news agency.

If Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban obstructs the necessary unity against Russian President Vladimir Putin, then intergovernmental solutions will have to be sought without Hungary: “If there is no other path, this path should not be ruled out,” Weber said, referring to the oil option being selected – Embargo without involving Hungary. It must be demonstrated that Orban cannot hold the rest of the European Union hostage.

There has been a row in the European Union for weeks over plans to ban Russian oil imports because Hungary is not yet ready to support the project. The state justifies this by its heavy dependence on Russian oil supplies and the high costs of switching to other suppliers. Hungary wants to agree to the ban only if it receives a far-reaching exemption rule and financial commitments. (dpa)

Silinsky on a visit to the front in Kharkiv – a tribute to the soldiers

Ukrainian President Zelensky visited the city of Kharkiv on the front lines of the war against Russia. A few weeks ago, Ukrainian fighters drove Russian forces from positions near the country’s second largest city.

Through his visit, Zelensky tried to consolidate Ukraine’s power there. “I feel boundless pride in our defenders,” Zelensky wrote in Telegram after visiting the soldiers stationed in Kharkiv: “Every day they are fighting for the freedom of Ukraine and putting their lives at risk.”

Russia continued its long-distance bombardment of the city in the north-east of the country. Explosions were heard in the area shortly after the president’s visit.

In the greater Kharkiv region, Sinihopov said, Russian forces controlled about 30 percent of the territory, while Kievan forces recaptured another 5 percent. However, in his video night speech on Saturday, Zelensky admitted that the battle for the East was indescribably difficult. (AFP)

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