Troubleshooting EC Card Payments – What Customers Need to Know

Hanover.There are still problems with EC card payments. For several days, some payment terminals nationwide have been down due to a software error. The disruptions cause problems, especially in the retail space.

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Read more after the announcement

What exactly is the problem?

“The reason is a software problem with the widely used Verifone H5000, which is used to process payments,” Jörg Stahl, president of the Federal Association of Electronic Cash Network Operators (BecN) explains to Germany’s Editorial Network. “The manufacturer is in the process of correcting the error.” There should be an update currently under testing. Stahl: “For now, this needs to be imported into the on-site card-reading station.”

Frankfurt service provider Payone announced over the weekend that the release was not stable enough to be used across the board. “However, we assume this process cannot be done as needed in the area, but it will likely take a few days,” a Bayonne spokeswoman said.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

What cards do not work?

This is a misunderstanding. “This has nothing to do with the cards themselves, just the Verifone H5000. There are currently problems with this – this then affects credit cards and other bank cards,” Stahl explains. It also means: “You can withdraw money from an ATM as usual. “

Who are the affected retailers and operators?

The disorder mainly affects the branches of Aldi Nord, Edeka, Netto, Rossmann and DM. Problems can also appear in individual cases in restaurants, bookstores, stores, hairdressers, and nail salons. However, Aldi Nord and Netto have already reported that they have solved the problem themselves. Card payment is possible again there.

According to the Central Gas Station Trade Association (ZTG), the corresponding type of device is not common at gas stations. “So far, there have only been problems with Esso,” a ZTG spokesperson said. However, he does not exclude the possibility of difficulties with free gas stations.

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Read more after the announcement

How do you know if you can currently pay with the card at branches, shops or gas stations?

David Richmann, an attorney specializing in banking and capital market law at Consumer Advice Center North Rhine-Westphalia says to RND. For example with notifications or displays. Customers often also find relevant information at checkout.

What happens if you notice it too late and are already at the checkout page with your purchases?

“Then you have to pay in cash,” says attorney Richmann. “And if there is not enough money in your wallet, the purchases should remain in the store.” Because: “Without payment, there is no legal contract of sale. The merchandise is still owned by the retailer.”

What if you have already filled up and don’t have any cash with you?

“Anyone who already knows that they no longer have enough fuel, but also does not have money with them, should definitely speak to the gas station personnel before filling the void,” advises attorney Riechmann. “Tenants usually find a solution.” Bill them. “The law on the part of the gas station operator: Anyone who leaves without paying commits fuel fraud or embezzlement – ​​and should expect criminal consequences.”

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Read more after the announcement

Can the seller or operator request my ID card as a deposit?

“No,” says the attorney who specializes in banking and capital market law. “Retailers are not allowed to claim ID as a deposit.” However, making copies from the front and back with a copier is possible and provides a good alternative to securing personal details. ID data that is not required for identification can and should be withheld on the copy by the ID card holder.

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