‘Total decolonization’: Does Russia need decolonization?

Zbigniew Brzezinski (1928-2017), a former security advisor to US President Jimmy Carter, said that without Ukraine, Russia would no longer be an empire. Referring to this, investigative author Casey Michel, who lives in New York, claims in an article for the debate magazine “The Atlantic” that in addition to Ukraine, Putin’s giant empire included many other regions such as Tatarstan, Siberia, Chechnya and the Arctic, all “colonial possessions.” Because the Kremlin does not grant any of these regions real autonomy.

The history of Russia is characterized by its “continuous expansion”: “As we have seen in Ukraine, Russia is ready to resort to war to reclaim the territories it considers its own.”

“Russian citizens must have a voice in the end.”

Once Ukraine counters Russia’s attempt to “colonize” it again, the West should impose “the complete freedom of Russia’s imperialist subjects,” as Michel argues: “In order to decolonize Russia, it will not necessarily be necessary to completely decolonize it and dismantle how [der ehemalige US-Verteidigungsminister] Dick Cheney once suggested. The push for decolonization might focus instead on offering more than an empty promise of the kind of democratic federalism promised in Russia’s constitution. This means ensuring that all Russian citizens, regardless of region, have a final say in choosing their leaders.”

“Letting things go,” America has long believed, is no longer an option: “The West must complete the project begun in 1991. It must try to completely decolonize Russia.” Although countries such as Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Armenia gained their independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union, only the independence of Ukraine became an “obsession” for Putin. The reason for this: Ukraine as an independent country stands in the way of Russian efforts to build an “empire” again.

“The decolonization of Russia must finally be completed”

“Moscow is constantly taking back countries desperate to escape its embrace,” said Casey Michel, annoyed. “We’re seeing the same story in Ukraine. It’s unlikely that Moscow will stop there.”

Although China does not live up to its “colonial” traditions either, Russia is currently the “most urgent” threat to international security: “Russia has started the biggest war the world has seen in decades, all at the service of the empire. To avoid the dangers of more wars and more spills Senseless blood, the Kremlin must lose the empire it still maintains. The Russian decolonization project must finally be completed. “

“The game is open”

In one of the largest Russian daily newspapers, “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, lawyer and General Yuri Zhdanov responded to Casey Michel’s request: “It is clear that this is not only his personal opinion, but the position of the ruling circles of the United States. And this opinion is published with their permission .. It seems that The game is open and Russia faces the most difficult test in its history.

With a typical Russian inclination for self-pity, Zhdanov notes that Europe has already put obstacles in the way of Tsar Peter I: “Since then, European countries have been practicing a kind of extreme sport. They come together at least twice a century to fight against Russia’s war. And then all Fifty years, there is licking wounds, healing broken bones, curing heart attacks and trauma. For now, this is nothing new under the sun.” For example, Britain’s Queen Victoria had a “pathological hatred” of Russia: “And now the wand of Hell was handed over to the The United States must first destroy the Soviet Union and then Putin’s empire.”

By the way, they also have oil.

Zhdanov is trying to turn the tables: “Even a simple recognition of its colonial past and Russia’s present will have a certain meaning for the United States.” Unlike Americans, who trust the “electoral system”, Russians can “directly elect their president”: “So maybe it’s up to us Russians to fight for the right of every American to elect their own head of state directly, rather than a few trust brokers? We’re helping In building a real and direct democracy in the United States? By the way, they have oil. This is a great incentive to build democracy.”

As far as the Russian threat was concerned, Winston Churchill had already stated that since the “introduction of democracy” one war had followed another.

“Russia brings only peace, prosperity and high culture”

Victoria Nikiforova of the Kremlin’s RIA Novosti news agency responded in a similar sarcastic manner. She called Casey Michele’s article the “official plan” of the United States without any supporting evidence: “If Americans really want to fight colonialism, they should start perestroika themselves. There is not a single meter of land on the territory of the United States, which has not once been stolen from Indians and Mexicans.” and Eskimo.” Casey Michelle’s argument is “a bit illogical”: “Why should we hand our independence, our resources, our nuclear weapons, our entire country over to the world’s largest kleptocracy?”

Incidentally, the idea of ​​“comfortable small countries” is outdated: “There is not a single former Soviet republic that did not sink into the abyss of poverty and anarchy immediately after its exit from the Union.”

In recent years, Russians have learned not to “regret” their history anymore, because the Stalinist concentration camps are “only one of the tragic aspects” of history. Russia has always given all peoples “peace, prosperity and high culture”; The people on the fringes of the empire were “no worse, if not better” than they were at the center of the empire.

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