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Joachim Trier’s latest film is set in Oslo and was nominated for two Oscars – for Best International Feature Film and Best Original Screenplay. The romantic comedy indirectly is the image of a generation and time.

by Walli Mueller

Anyone who thinks they know how romantic comedies work will once again be surprised here. Because the “worst person in the world” is not the man whose heart the heroine wants to win, but she is herself! Jolie was born and has so many talents that she doesn’t even know where she could shine more.

“I only got into medical school because it was the only grade worth all that studying in high school, where an A was really important.”
Outside the narrator in the movie “The Worst Person in the World”

Eventually she realized that her real goal was psychology. She is more interested in people’s thoughts and feelings than their bodies.

Preview: Introduction: “The Worst Man Alive” (2 minutes)

Renate Reinsve as a heroine unable to make decisions

Unfortunately, that didn’t go well either, and Julie became a photographer. Over and over, she reinvents herself, but feels like a failure again. Because love doesn’t get much better. As soon as I fell madly in love with a man, my doubts began again.

This heroine can easily get on your nerves due to her inability to make decisions. But leading actress Renate Rensev exudes such brilliance on screen that she, despite everything, is excited – including the jury in Cannes, which awarded her the Silver Elite. As Jolie, she began a relationship in her thirties with Axl, who is in his forties and an established comedian. He wants family and kids with her and she doesn’t want to commit yet.

Very creative and almost fun production

Renate Reinsve in a scene from the movie

Norway’s Rinat Rensvi won the Palme d’Or as best actress for her role as Jolie in Joachim Trier’s “The Worst Man in the World”.

So what’s really romantic about this comedy in which the main character keeps ruining everything? It is her sincere effort to find true love and her place in life. Director Trier also understands Julie’s inability to make decisions: there are no unlimited possibilities in life, but he can understand her longing for them. The fact that his film was celebrated is due to the very creative and almost fun show. There is a scene of deadlock where everyone is asleep behind the barbed fence of Sleeping Beauty and the heroine only moves towards her loved ones. In another scene, Jolie meets Evind at a wedding.

The original comedy in twelve varied chapters

Because they are both so tightly bound, they explore the boundaries of infidelity. Can you watch each other pee, puffing cigarette smoke in your mouth? A stunning scene that shows the director’s sarcastic spirit. But his comedy is also open to tragedy. In the end, the limited time we have is the most enjoyable brake. It’s just that some people have to grow up a very long time to realize this. Joachim Trier indirectly presents in the film “The Worst Person in the World” a picture of generations and times.

“There is a tradition of using the subject of love to tell more than just two kisses,” says Joachim Trier. “And I think we tried that here as well.”

The more freedom a modern person has, the more complex self-perception becomes. This is what the original comedy showcases in twelve varied chapters. And Oslo too, with its special Scandinavian light, is a real find as a cinematic city.

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“The worst man in the world”

Drama | comedy
production year:
Production country:
Norway, France, Sweden, Denmark
additional information:
With Rinat Renzvi, Anders Danielsen Lee, Herbert Nordram, Hans Olaf Brenner and others
Joachim Trier
128 minutes
from 12 years old
Play release:
From 2 June 2022

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