Subletting for vacation guests? 7 tips from the experts on what renters should know

Henrik Coleman

Augsburg (OTS)

Subletting your rental apartment is a profitable idea for many tenants, especially in big cities like Munich, Berlin or Hamburg. Especially when the apartment is often empty, the apartment partner has moved or a longer trip is impending, many people ask themselves whether or not subletting is possible.

Hendrik Coleman knows the odds and risks that renters should know about short-term rentals: “Vacation properties provide a lot of income, but there are some rules to follow to protect yourself from the potential consequences.” The same expert has rented more than 45 apartments worldwide via platforms such as Airbnb and others. In this post, he reveals 7 tips renters should consider when subletting vacation rentals.

Tip 1: Get permission from the owner

If the tenants can speak frankly with the landlords and can give them understandable personal or economic reasons, it is generally possible that they will sublet the apartment. However, it is important in the first step to always ask the owner of the apartment for permission. In justified cases, the owner is even obligated to give consent.

Tip 2: Know the regulations in your city

Sub-leasing rules have been put in place to prevent misappropriation especially in cities where living space is scarce. Therefore, short-term rentals for vacationers are often possible only after registration or approval by the city. Many major cities have also passed vacation home or embezzlement laws that tenants must observe. Violators are often punished with heavy fines.

Tip 3: Protect your valuables

If you rent out your own apartment to holiday guests, you should of course also think about your personal belongings. Even if special things like vacation photos provide the individual charm of a vacation apartment, private documents and valuables should be kept safe.

Tip 4: Create a backup plan for emergencies

To ensure that the owners do not feel uncomfortable in the event of unexpected incidents, it is advisable to have a trustworthy person by their side who can step in to welcome the guests in case of emergency. Even if guests have questions or concerns and the owner is not available at the moment, there should always be a contact for them.

Tip 5: Apply correctly

In order to successfully rent out your own apartment as a vacation residence, renters should definitely pay importance to high-quality photos. The holiday home should not only be clean and tidy, but also beautifully decorated.

Beautifully made beds, draped towels and fresh flowers on the dining table not only look attractive, but are often the reason why holiday guests choose an apartment. It is also important to present the outer area with pictures, such as a stairwell. Kuhlmann recommends creating images for the booking platform in landscape format, because they look better.

Tip 6: Be careful when preparing the presentation

High-quality images are a must for an engaging presentation – but they alone are not enough to impress. Apartment descriptions must be correct and fill in text fields with all necessary information. The fewer questions left unanswered for interested parties, the better. It is also important that pricing and availability are displayed transparently and that the house rules are also visible. The top priority is: anyone who activates a show should also be available – because the first booking can arrive faster than you think!

Tip 7: Consider other options

Anyone who enjoys staying holiday guests should also consider whether this would not be a good opportunity for a second source of income in the future. Because renting holiday accommodation via platforms like Airbnb or can be a very profitable opportunity to make money! After all, nowadays there are many tools that can be used to make rentals simple and practical.

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