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“Look at this country” is the title of GEO Perspektive, which appears once a year – thus he wants to draw attention to Ukraine. But not only about war, death and destruction, but above all about life before that, about the culture of Ukraine, its people and their stories. In epic photos, paparazzi show what made Ukraine special and what makes it special. The authors talk about the historical origins of Ukraine, about the struggle of Ukrainians for freedom and sovereignty, and about the vibrant search for identity and their very personal view of their homeland.

Jio’s editorial team has translated five selected articles from the magazine into Ukrainian and Russian. Among them is an essay on the medieval origins of Russian qualitative, the heritage of which is still the subject of bitter disputes to this day; An interview with historian Olha Martinjok about Ukrainian identity, reinforced by the Russian attack, or an article about Ukrainian pop stars who were once very popular in Russia – and are now sitting in bomb shelters. Translated contributions are available as free e-papers at With this, Geo’s editorial team wants to paint an objective picture of Ukraine through high-quality journalism.

Marcus Wolfe, Geo Editor-in-Chief: “According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukraine has never had a state of its own, neither history nor culture. This strange look of a man in the pain of losing territory has caused Europe’s greatest tragedy since World War II. The articles compiled in this issue of GEO Perspective make Putin’s understanding of history seems even more grotesque. We hope the magazine will help him understand Ukraine. How it came about, what it shaped, and what makes it special? It is seen as a powerfully illustrated obituary. Instead, this case aims to paint a picture of a country that may not have Many of us realize its wealth and diversity in peacetime except during war.”

For this year’s GEO perspective, the editors tried to recruit as many Ukrainian or Ukrainian-born colleagues as possible. For example, Alisa Sopova, who comes from Donbass, writes about the “Forgotten War” that has been raging there since 2014. Photographer Mikhail Balenchak contributed his work on the cult of Stepan Bandera, while painter Nika Pyachanka depicts Ukrainian national poet Taras Shevchenko. Russians, such as former Geo Russia editor-in-chief Vladimir Asipov, also contributed to the magazine.

Diana Lars, editor of GEO magazine: “We tried to allow as many Ukrainian or Ukrainian authors as possible to express their opinions in our magazine and benefit from their experiences. The vast majority of colleagues were eager to explain their situation and their country – which is why there are so many personal articles. Together we were able to produce A magazine that depicts Ukraine in a diverse and interesting way – showing not only conflict and war, but all sides of this country. ”

GEO Perspektive is a visually rich single-subject magazine published once a year. This year’s GEO perspective paints a 148-page picture of Ukraine – in times of war as it was in times of peace. The magazine is available in stores for €12.90.

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