Refugees in Mainz must register at short notice

Until now, the Ukrainians who found accommodation in Mainz were supported by the city. According to the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, the Aliens Authority was responsible for all matters relating to the Residence and Residence Act. People got money to live from the city and had health insurance through IKK Südwest.

At the beginning of last week, all Ukrainian refugees in Mainz received a letter from the city: “The assistance previously granted under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act will be refused as of June 1, 2022.” The reason is the planned change in the law, which states that from June 1 people “are entitled to benefits in accordance with the provisions of the SGB ll – Social Act, Part Two”. This means: future assistance will be paid by the Jobcentre.

Financial support ends on June 1

So everyone should now register as soon as possible: contact the employment center, fill out the forms and wait for a response. Not only is financial support available from the city until June 1, but you also have to hand in your health insurance card by then. We provide medical assistance […] So it ends on May 31, 2022.”

The letter also lists the address of the duty station people should contact. There they are currently working “at full speed” to create the structures needed to “make this transition possible,” said Petra Seifert, press spokeswoman for employment agency Mainz. The law was passed by the Bundestag only a few days ago, which also forces the authorities to respond to changes within a very short time. However, the recruitment agency was in contact with Mainz “at an early stage”, approved it and made offers, “in particular to immigration authorities, refugee accommodation, care units and coordination of volunteers,” Seifert said.

Agency welcomes this move

Specific application documents and many tips were distributed, also in Ukrainian, and counseling options were also given. In addition to the existing employees with Russian and Ukrainian language skills, four more people were hired for a fee to work as interpreters. The message is therefore “just one of the many building blocks by which we are trying to reach all those affected; even those who have not yet benefited from previous offerings”.

Seifert said the agency welcomes, in principle, the decision taken by the Bundestag and the Bundesrat. “For those affected, this means that they will receive assistance from a single source, i.e. financial assistance for living and accommodation expenses as well as advisory assistance in the direction of work, labor market and language.” There is support for refugees, for example, in the search for childcare, in language acquisition, in recognition of school and professional qualifications, employment, qualification and further education.

In addition, notifications are always sent to the health insurance company for the entire month, even if the decision is made only later. In addition, the city’s press office adds, a decision remains to be made at the federal level as to whether there is a transition period during which municipalities will continue to pay benefits after June 1.

At least 1,600 people are expected to report to the job center these days, “including many children, but also the elderly,” Seifert says. Many requests have already been submitted. Exact figures can only be provided at the end of June, when the reports will be statistically evaluated.


If they have not already done so, Ukrainian refugees living in Mainz must immediately inform the Jobcentre. Information and application documents, also in Ukrainian, are available on the website and at the job center itself. The completed application with the required documents can be submitted either to the job center or sent by post or e-mail.

To do this, the conditions for granting benefits must be met. So you must already be officially registered with the authorities and your identity must be made clear beyond a reasonable doubt. In addition, a residence permit, or at least a fictional certificate, is mandatory. You must also have your own bank account.

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