Poem for cinema on free TV

Quentin Tarantino honors the film industry with “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood.” The movie now celebrates its first free TV show with the usual strengths.

The basics in brief

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will premiere on free TV on May 30.
  • Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio (47) and Brad Pitt (58) play in the movie.
  • Directed by famous director Quentin Tarantino.

Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood” has everything that makes movie fans’ hearts beat faster. He is stunningly beautiful and unleashes the talents of Leonardo DiCaprio (47) and Brad Pitt (58).

He impresses with many of the qualities that have always distinguished the filmmaker. Good dialogue and great music are just two of them.

However: Not everyone liked Tarantino’s movie, which premiered May 30 (ZDF, 10:15 p.m.) on Free TV, unconditionally – even the director himself knew about it.

Old Hollywood irons – that’s it

Rick Dalton (DiCaprio) is no easy feat. He’s a fossil of the TV scene, the former hero of a half-baked western series called The Rewards Act. But the watches in Hollywood do not stand still, especially not in the 1960s.

“It’s official, my old friend, I’m out now,” says Rick. Next, his best friend Cliff Booth (Pete) falls crying on his neck. But what should he say first? It is said to be a fossil stuntman and is very old.

Booth hasn’t engaged for long, at least since he beat Bruce Lee (Mike Mo, 38) on set. And so he keeps his head above the water as a girl in exchange for everything in the service of his companion.

Out of desperation and on the advice of his agent (Al Pacino, 82), Dalton plays a role in the hated spaghetti western. He gets first place in deciding himself and his addiction to alcohol. Meanwhile, in his spare time away from the Dream Factory, Booth learns of a strange sect of hippies. This seems to go back to something under the leadership of a long-haired bearer named Charlie.

Meanwhile, Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie, 31) is enjoying her charming life, unmoved by all this. That’s alongside director prodigy Roman Polanski (Rafale Zwerucha, 35).

Today Who’s Who Played Yesterday’s Who’s Who

Tarantino couldn’t complain about the lack of acting options, either. And that’s in two ways: Today’s stars, such as Damien Lewis, Margot Robbie, Mike Moh or James Marsden embody the stars of the past. Tarantino Youth Champions.

The movie is just too full despite its nearly three hour showing time. Or, if you put it negatively, it’s so overburdened with references that none of the real characters can be given much screen presence. Not Steve McQueen (Louis), not Bruce Lee (Moh), not even Sharon Tate (Ruby).

Instead, your story comes as a common thread in the background. Equals a continuous, simple ominous tone, in stark contrast to what appears.

Her life until that fateful night on August 9, 1969 was activated by Tarantino with an unimaginable amount of ice. Tate spends fun girls’ nights out and goes shopping. She marvels at herself at the cinema with childlike glee in a touching (and best ruby) scene.

Tarantino flirts with the foreknowledge that a large part of the movie audience may have: that Sharon Tate is seriously pregnant exactly six months after the movie’s plot begins. She will find her brutal death by the “Manson Family”.


Tarantino opens countless construction sites with the title “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.” He got most of them in just under three hours, but not all of them were shut down.

It carries a hymn to the film industry and honors its former greats. Mixes reality and fantasy that literally live next to each other in Benedict Canyon, at the end of Cielo Drive.

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