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Matthias Habic and Odo Samel play an orthodox pair of Jewish brothers in “Herr Klee und Herr Feld” in Hamburger Kammerspiele. This is not without implications for the special relationship between the two parties.

Moritz is Professor Emeritus of Psychology, and has acted as Alfred in the “Dracula” films. Both are over seventy years old, are Jewish brothers and are not at all interested in plunging into the routine of pensioners. This is why the sudden appearance of the charming Zamira is a welcome glimmer of hope, if she is not a Palestinian of all people…Michel Bergmann’s play and Ank Apelt has an outstanding cast with its character actors, Matthias Habic and Udo Samel. “Heer Klee and Her Feld” is the third part of a trilogy about Jewish life in Germany after 1945 Kammerspiele hamburger to see. In a conversation with NDR Kultur presenter Katja Wise, Udo Samil and Matthias Habic discussed what it means to be on stage.

Do you know each other for a long time and good or not?

Matthew Habish: We’ve known each other for a long time – not very well.
Udo Samel: Not very good. number

How was the meeting now?

I own: He had some bumps.
same: There is a nice German word: strange.
I own: Strange, worth remembering, exactly. But it was good and I think it will get better.

The brothers you play in the play “Herr Klee und Herr Feld” in the Hamburger Kammerspiele are stuck in an ongoing debate.

I own: It somehow transfers into my private life. I offend him, he offends me. I think something special is stuck there.
same: Cast a shadow on your object. Since you take on the roles and the script, you are at best a bit like the characters you play. Since I am not allowed to live with him because I think he is behaving very badly, it also casts a shadow on our being.
I own: Although – the theater actually “acts as if” and not really. But sometimes we get into this predicament and transfer it into our own lives.

In my view, they are both masters of well-placed gestures and tones. And I imagine this is a very, very long way to go. How do you go down this road?

same: We’ve been going there for decades, our whole lives. We are both elderly gentlemen. Well, not me, Matthias.
I own: You can say that!
same: I can’t describe how to go there. I think this is it: the determination not to take yourself too seriously, but to give the character we are allowed to play a life that almost all people can understand.
I own: This may be your way. I take myself very seriously, I must say – (laughs) – it would be nice if I were more humble. And is that true, Odo?
same: I’m not modest either, yes.

So you take yourself and the role very seriously, Matthias Habic, or how do you mean that?

I own: Of course I pretend to be a very humble person…
same: It’s not about being modest at all, I guess.
I own: – Don’t you take yourself too seriously? I can’t say I don’t take myself seriously.
same: Every actor and actress needs a great deal of rudeness to get on the stage. After all, who can assume standing on a platform a little higher than the people who listen and then claim that he is that and that is the world. But this is the work. It is precisely this contradiction that lives, of course. Deciding to do it fine or make it particularly clear, especially coarse, these are all different requirements for who they are. This also belongs to the people on stage.

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