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Are adult children entitled to alimony?

The Civil Code clearly states that every child has the right to school and vocational training and that parents have a financial obligation to achieve this. The fact that parents have to ensure the living needs of their children does not end when they reach the age of majority, but only when the child is able to finance his living. The alimony claim can therefore extend beyond the age of majority. However, if the child can take care of himself, there is no claim to maintenance. It is a different situation with physically or mentally disabled children because, regardless of their age, they are entitled to alimony if they cannot earn a living because of their disability.

What is the right of the trainee?

However, alimony claim goes beyond school education and the intern is also entitled to alimony payments. When calculating the exact amount, the training allowance and the fixed training allowance of 100 euros are taken into account. After successful completion of vocational training, this right to maintenance is no longer valid, since parents are only obliged to provide financial support for the entire period of the first vocational training. However, if the child changes the teaching profession before successfully completing it, the parents must continue to pay alimony. Parents only have to fund a second training for personal reasons if the daughter or son is no longer able to exercise the first job for health reasons and they have to change to a certain extent. There may also be maintenance obligations if the child drops out of college and then begins vocational training.

What nutritional supplements are considered for maintenance?

From the time the child reaches the age of majority, the amount of support that must be paid by the parents increases, but the entire child benefit is deducted from the maintenance requirement. Even if the child is then entitled to more money than the minor child, the actual child support to be paid goes down. The reason for this is that parents can reduce alimony through Child Benefit, but they must transfer Child Benefit received by an adult child. Receipt of Bafög benefits also reduces the intern’s claims, as they are counted as maintenance income. The payment amount affects the amount of maintenance that is still to be paid.

Which parent pays how much?

By law, both parents have equal responsibility for alimony and must split alimony payments between them. But only if they both have the same income, each parent has to pay half. If not, the amount of maintenance to be paid is calculated on the basis of maintenance-related income minus the withholding amount. To determine this amount, the father and mother may deduct so-called “work-related expenses” from their income. They can take five percent of their net income from the bill without providing any proof. Until the person in charge of maintenance has enough money to cover his living expenses, there is something called a deduction, which the support payer can also claim. Two different regulations apply to unmarried adult children up to 21 years of age who live in the home of their parents or one of their parents. For non-working dependents, the personal requirement to be assessed is €880 per month. In the case of working dependents, on the other hand, a monthly amount of €1,080 is applied. If the children responsible for alimony no longer live in the home of their parents or one of the parents, the personal requirement is usually set at 1,300 euros per month. editorial office

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