German League: Quick confrontation “enormous turmoil”

Coach Ferdinand Feldhofer takes a week to breathe after hitting the minimum goal. Next season feeling good. “I have complete confidence that the sports department will provide me with a team where we can attack and play good football,” said the 42-year-old. With some actors, one is still very far in transfer talks. “I am very relieved that this is going to happen.”

With Leo Gremel, Srdjan Grahovac, Philip Schusberger, Kelvin Arace and Philip Stojkovic, the quintet has already disappeared. Robert Ljubicic (“Nothing has yet been decided”) could follow up on Dinamo Zagreb’s call. There are also transfer rumors about Emmanuel Ayew, Youssef Demir and especially Marco Grol. Dutch striker Ferdi Drugov is on loan from Alkmaar only, with Rapid option to buy. It is also unclear whether Captain Christopher Dupont will continue to receive a contract. “For me he’s definitely fast or I’ll hang up my boots,” said a defender with a knee injury.

Quick win in the play-off

Rapid has achieved the minimum goal and can also compete in the European Cup next season. Vienna beat WSG Tirol 2-0 (1-0) at home in the second second leg of the Admiral Bundesliga on Sunday. Green White won the first leg in Innsbruck 2-1.

With Roman Kirschbaum, Patrick Grill and Nicholas Kohn, three summer additions have already been confirmed. Negotiations are also underway with veteran striker Guido Burgstaller to launch the attack. “There will be a lot of new faces. However, we will not forget our young players, although the future team will paint a different picture. As far as the display of the team is concerned, we want to position ourselves on a larger scale,” Barisic gave an insight.

The band must lift the double burden

There is not much time to get used to it. The European Conference League qualification adventure will begin on July 21. This is right after the first round of the UEFA Cup and before the start of the league. The Express must live three rounds to be represented in the group stage in the fall. It’s also clear that surviving the qualifying rounds is designed to also design the team for multiple loads. Because the result of entering the group stage will be almost exclusively English weeks until the winter break.

Jeba / Philip Bremm

Ljubicic may not return to fight for a place in the Premier League group stage

It will be important for the club to avoid the misery of this season. “It was only a matter of us winning the playoff given those marks but a matter of course. Several of the young players were involved in many of the instructional minutes. Not having started playing without a soldier, Feldhofer, who did not start playing without a soldier, said when she saw how the veteran players in the fitness area walked on gums, it makes me prouder.”

In the extension of the season, the minimum target can still be achieved. “It was very important for us to finish the season, which was very difficult for us and in which we are all very disappointed, with fifth place in the table, positively,” Barisic explained. Preparation begins differently in Vienna. The first kickers will return to the training ground on June 14, and the majority will be on June 20 or as part of training camp from June 25. “After a very busy season, it is now important to catch our breath and recover from the aches and pains,” said Rapid’s coach.

‘Excellent season’ for WSG

The Tyroleans missed the historic opportunity to participate in the European Cup for the first time, but they still gave a positive assessment. “Today we could have turned an excellent season into a great one. Unfortunately we didn’t succeed. I am very proud of my team’s performance all season,” coach Thomas Silberger confirmed. With Giacomo Frione (19 goals), a player loaned from Juventus Turin has emerged again after Nicolae Baden played Frederiksen (18) did well the previous season.

Freione was also the top scorer with Karim Adeymi from Salzburg. “Giacomo stands out. Maybe next year the next madman from Turin will come and score more goals,” Amal Silberger. Freony himself had mixed feelings. “I’m just happy, but also sad because I really wanted to make history with Tyrol when I said goodbye.”

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