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Track plates, spacers, adapter plates, DRA tuning

Although rental cars, share offers, and e-scooters are available everywhere, more and more private cars are being tuned in. Improving your own car is one of the status symbols that is becoming increasingly popular, especially among the younger generation. The wheel spacer is visually impressive and relatively simple. Here, however, the question arises whether it is just a visual aspect or really positive Influence on driving behavior she has? Both are possible! On the one hand, it immediately looks better, and in combination with additional lowering, it can make the car look more fat. The wheels move and fill the wheel better. On the other hand, the conversion actually Influences on driving style. The effects on driving behavior can be both positive Beside Negation is being.

How is the wheel spacer widened?

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The wheel spacer is implemented later track width extension. To do this, spacers are inserted or installed on the wheel hub (According to order and width). These discs are usually made of aluminum and are for mounting purposes perforated. They are installed in the middle of the wheel rim and axle, either on one of the axles or directly on both axles. The edge offset, abbreviated ET, is increased by transform minimum. In practice, wheel spacers from 6mm to 100mm are achieved per ET axle. For example, if a standard wheel has an offset of +40mm and 20mm is added, then Wheel Spacer 40mm The ET is +20 mm after conversion. Whether or not this is still allowed for the vehicle in question depends on the type.

Track plates, spacers, adapter plates, and DRA DR tuning

The wheel spacer can also be achieved by installing other rims that have Lowest (negative) ET Property. However, only any ET files can be installed, as this can quickly revoke the run permission. Some like to use it both ways wheel separator. Your presence Collecting Spacers with new tires and wheels. What works and comes through is allowed here by TÜV. However, the transfer shall not be less than stipulated Minimum ET of the wheel/spacer assembly. It is also important that the tires are not wider than the car itself and dangling over the bulkhead. It should always end with the edge of the fender.

What are the advantages of wheel spacers?

With the wheel spacer, the car is visually wider, which means that the rims are much more up front and the whole car makes a sporty impression. Sometimes 10 mm is enough to achieve the desired effect. You can create a harmonious picture if you turn the wheel spacers in such a way that the tires overlap the wheel housing, but naturally don’t grind it. If you have the right tools and the right knowledge, wheel spacing is one of the easiest and cheapest adjustment measures for DIY tuning. If done correctly, you end up with a stable car that swerves better. With track plates, the vehicle is generally better on the track and handling is improved.

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Does the wheel spacer have any defects?

Basically, an appropriately made wheel spacer looks great, but you should be aware that it doesn’t just have a visual impact. Everything may change after adjusting driving behavior out of the car and increases wear and tear. Track plates ensure significantly higher strength is transferred to the bodywork due to the variable leverage. Suffer with the time that suspension And everything related to it slash. Wheel bearings, as well as ball joints, tie rods and fasteners, usually have a significantly shorter service life with wheel spacers. But not only the leverage plays a decisive role, the fact that there is a larger unstressed mass also plays a role. This can make driving more difficult and the grooves may cause the vehicle to skid.

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Pay attention to this with the track plates

Never manage breaks yourself! It is better to buy it from a trusted retailer or at least make sure to buy it Minimum ET do not fall below. We recommend that you buy from trusted dealers such as H&R, Eibach & Co. You can also find what you are looking for online and buy cheap track plates including parts certification. However, just like us, manufacturers always recommend that no matter where you buy track plates Installation by specialized workshop. However, if you decide to do it yourself, get the appropriate plates, bolts, and nuts for your type of vehicle. Also pay attention to the bolt circle, centering and any prominent studs.

Fastening is carried out using the nuts included in the connection, which are used for fastening to cleaning The contact surface of the wheel hub can be used. Provided wheel nuts or bolts are designed as wheel fasteners or wheel nuts for standard or special wheels. The separator manufacturer provides more information. Follow assembly instructions Use commas whenever possible no with steel rims. Once the wheel spacers are widened, first do a careful, slow test drive and get used to the changing driving style. Remember that TÜV and DEKRA still have to approve the transfer! Only if you have one My Father You have, you can dispense with the demo at the test center.

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