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Shop for money like Dagobert Duck on stage – this is just one of the funny directorial ideas in Donizetti’s opera “Don Pasquale”. The premiere of the story about a very rich and miserly old man who wants to marry a penniless young woman, took place on Sunday at the Hamburg Opera House.

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It was fast-paced and colorful, right from the first minute. Don Pasquale sits on the throne like Uncle Dagobert in a huge safe on banknotes. Young Norina takes a bubble bath on stage. And at some point the banknotes fly from the balconies. “Bling” and “Click” make cell phones on stage. The Alte Oper is with a view of the day that inspires an enthusiastic audience. The viewer says “Great!” “Finally something subtly happy again.” Another enthusiasm: “I found the production fresh. It was friendly. It was totally up to date. The sounds were great, it wasn’t boring for a second.”

Gorgeous Cheeky Direction by David Bösch in “Don Pasquale”

Scene from Donizetti

The many directing ideas of love and singers inspired the audience.

David Bush’s cool, cheeky direction isn’t about the old white man with all his money. Focuses on the young Norina, sung by Danielle de Nessie and played by Whirlwind with wit and speed. Somewhere between Jennifer Lopez and Doris Day. With Don Pascual’s money they buy a clean internet. Of course she’s wearing pants. Don Pasquale was composed specifically for Ambrogio Maestri. It’s amazing how he and his friend Malatesta tried to set a world record for fast singing with a giant stopwatch on stage.

Lots of loving guidance ideas bring joy

Also in attendance was cult designer Guido Maria Kretschmer, who thought he was surprised when his name was suddenly incorporated into the plot. “I’ve made costumes for the opera myself a few times,” Kretschmer says with a laugh. “But I didn’t expect it at all and thought, ‘What’s that next?’ But it was very nice.”

You really can’t get enough of the many adorable directing ideas, even if some of the pricey seats seemed a little annoyed when pink pants suddenly flew across the stage.

Doubts about the plans of the opera Klaus Michael Kohn

This Don Pasquale is just plain fun. Speaking of older gentlemen with a lot of money and a fixed idea: Billionaire Klaus Michael Kohney’s proposal to demolish and rebuild the Opera House at HafenCity is of course the topic of conversation on the evening of the premiere. One viewer said: “First I thought: Oh, great!” “But then I read that he wanted to demolish the house and put a respectable commercial property here. Our businessmen in Hamburg know where to get their cider from.” “I think we have a great opera here,” says one onlooker thoughtfully. “The money left should be used differently.”

The Senator for Culture in Hamburg, Karsten Prosda, is also conservative. “This house is a listed building,” he says with design. “It will stay here and be used.” “If Kohn wants to become a patron and donate an opera to the city, that could be a great thing. We have to talk to each other about that.” So it looks like the premiere of Don Pasquale’s upcoming movie will continue to be celebrated in the old house.

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