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The “Firelovers” show of “Clowns and Company” marks the conclusion of the evening’s events for “Wire on Fire.” © Sven von Oczkowski

In July (15-17) it will be hot again at the German Wire Museum in Altena: “Wire on Fire” is the name of the series of events that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be holding in Märkischer Kreis in three days. dates.

Visitors sit in the courtyard of the Wire Museum, and the artists use the levels of the exterior staircase as a landscape stage. “We have become very fond of the child of the coronavirus-related ‘Wire on Fire’ event,” says Detlev Kreuger, Head of Culture and Tourism at Märkischer Kreis.We are trying to get artists in particular from the region to get involved in this project – and we’ve been successful in doing so again this year. I am already looking forward to two exciting evenings with lots of music and the latest fire show from “Firelovers” by Clowns and Company.” For the first time there will also be a hands-on program for kids on Sunday afternoon.

A quick overview of the three days of the event:

Friday 15 July

The women’s band “Cherry on the Cake” will begin. Their motto is: From operetta to rock and roll. Six ladies on the instruments saxophone, clarinet, piano, accordion, drums, and boba generate a sound with a trusty groove. Each member of the band is a graduate of a music college and a specialist in their instruments. The outdoor concert begins at 8pm, admission from 7:30pm.

Saturday 16th July

The following evening we continued to wear black suits and sunglasses. They are on the road on behalf of the Lord and have always been worshippers. Big Blue musicians George Le Smo and King Eddie salute the blues brothersthe audience in the courtyard of the Wire Museum.

Musicians from Halver and Radeformwald will perform the Blues Brothers’ biggest hits, including cult songs like “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love”, “Gimmie Some Loving” or “Soul Man”. On Saturdays, too, the concert starts at 8pm, and admissions here too from 30 minutes earlier.

On both days there will be a theatrical performance of “Firelovers” by “Clowns and Company” at the end of the evening. Fire artists claim all levels of the inner courtyard with their view and heat it up again at the end.

Sunday 17 July

Sunday is for young people. Young visitors can look forward to having childrenEngagement Circus With “Clowns and Company”. Because fire artists can also do so much without fire: Children and the young at heart are invited to try walking on stilts, hula hops, balancing acts, giant soap bubbles, and juggling or aerial acrobatics on the six-meter high air frame. All this under the expert guidance and direction of the group of artists from Lüdenscheid.

“The magic of the circus atmosphere can be felt especially at 2pm and 4pm when ‘Clowns and Company’ shows how movement and imagination can dazzle the audience,” says Detlev Krueger, department head.

On Sundays, not only hands-on circus and circus shows can be visited with free admission as well The Wire Museum is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. for a free visit.

Since there are no gastronomic offerings at the Wire Museum, Provide visitors with food and drink themselves. “Everyone is expressly asked to bring their own personal picnic package and enjoy the show. Or visit the restaurants in town before or after the show,” continues Krueger.


Seats for both parties are limited so it is necessary to book tickets in advance for Friday and Saturday. The online ticketing system can be found at Seats can be reserved at €9 per person (children up to 15 years pay a reduced price of €6). Ten tables are available for 80 euros.

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