Culture in the Inner Court – Experience Diversity Live at Celle – June 2022 Program at CD Barracks – Celler Presse

CD Kaserne presents a variety program in June. This is the summary:

Thursday June 2, 2022 Admission: 7:00 PM, Start: 8:00 PM
Kai Ray – Kai Ray Show 2022
Driven by profession, passion, and for nearly 30 years, Kai Ray has been the toughest man to ever work in the entertainment industry. An expert sells his grandmother for a gag — but at least Claudia Roth. Divine clown. A clown without fear or blame. A natural talent that is constantly changing. Provocative form and effect in the entire genre.
Presale: €23.00, box office €25.00

Friday 3 June 2022, admission 7 pm, start at 8 pm
Bosstime – Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band

… currently undisputedly the most popular Bruce Springsteen Honor Team in Germany. Anyone who has watched the band live will participate in this show. BOSSTIME celebrates all of a rock star’s songs for up to three and a half hours, paired with loads of passion and originality, at the highest musical level.

VVK 25.20 €, AK 27.00 €

Saturday 4 June 2022 Admission 7 pm, starts at 8 pm
To – Home 2022

After 10 years working as a musician with his excellent band at his side, something very special can be expected in memory of the theater in his hometown of Seal!
VVK € 17.50, AK € 20.00 (discount on order)

Friday 10 June 2022 Admission: 6:00 PM, Start: 7:00 PM
What now – jazz sextet
“It’s hard to believe that the group actually consists of only six musicians, because the cohesive, focused strength and sheer size of the group are more like a big band than a six-man. Labyrinth’s debut album was released in the summer of 2021.” After their successful tour in CD release, the band presents Now the music of her second album, which will be released in fall 2022, is debuting.
Asking prices: 10 euros, 14 euros, 18 euros

Saturday 11 June 2022 Admission: 7:00 pm Start: 8:00 pm
LaLeLu “unplugged” – pure music
A cappella band “LaLeLu” has been a hit all over Germany for over 25 years. Now, authentic musicians from Hamburg have put together an amazingly different program filled with exciting new songs and great jazz, opera and pop songs. The result: an evening of a cappella passion and great entertainment at the same time.
Pre-sale: €29.60, box office €33.00 (discount on request)
Sunday June 12, 2022 Admission 10:30 a.m., starting 11:00 a.m.
The Jungle Book – by Philip Stemann after starring Rudyard Kipling in the puppet theater “Loft and Leo”
Puppet theater with lots of music for 5-year-olds and families composed by Philip Stemann based on Rudyard Kipling’s classic film Loft and Leo. This puppet theater is presented by SVO as part of “Family Theater in the CD Barracks” series of events and is dedicated to the classic jungle book revolving around Mowgli, Balu, Shere Khan, Bagheera, etc.
VVK 8.90 €, 9.00 € TK

Sunday June 12, 2022 Admission: 5:00 PM, Start: 6:00 PM

UDO Jürgens… don’t forget! Written and with Alex Parker

This unique live single by Alex Parker honors exceptional artist Udo Jürgens and his unforgettable music.

Organizer: Alex Parker’s office

Presale: from €28.50, box office: €31.00

Friday, June 17, 2022, admission: 6:30 pm, start: 7:30 pm
One Still Possible – Musical Comedy with Annie Heger and Vanessa Morechat
With fireworks of spikes and evil, they direct their verbal and musical arrows into each other’s heads and hearts. Annie Heger is a versatile art institution that the artist from East Friesland has been delighting her audience with for years. She is an NDR columnist, cabaret artist, 100% human activist, literary award winner, singer, top “Lisa” in the North and a bird of paradise among the Scandinavian seagulls. Jazz and pop musician, cabaret artist and cultural studies student, Vanessa Morishat began her career in the 1990s as a guitarist and pianist in various bands, before the Berlin Prize winner decided to successfully devote herself to her solo activities. Now the two artists who shared the stage in the comedy “Sekt And The City” from 2013 to 2016, are now making their fantastic duet appearances with “Eine Geht Noch!”.
Presale: €23.00, €26.00

Saturday 18 June 2022 Admission: 6:00 PM, Start: 7:00 PM

Friday Night Trio – Guitar Crazy Night

With Henning Rümenapp, Christos Mamalitsidis and Kai Thomsen as well as Kosho guests from “Söhne Mannheims” and Jens Eckhoff from “We Are Champions”. The Friday Night Trio guitars are a guarantee of the greatest joy in playing, crazy arpeggios, amazing speed, great sonic moments and always full of humor. Also at this concert, singer Katia Ohdi, who works artistically with Kocho in the music project “Bar Cody”, will complete the men’s group with her voice.

Pre-show €23.00, box office €25.00 (discount on request)

Sunday 19 June 2022 Admission 4:00 pm Start: 4:30 pm
Keno eight and a half presents the song “Emmas Glück” performed by Freie Bühne Wendland
Written by Kirsten Whitstam (who plays all ten roles) and Caspar Harlan (director), it is the stage version of the successful novel of the same name by Claudia Schreiber. Emma raises and arms pigs on her dilapidated, indebted farm that is about to be foreclosed on. For years, she prayed before going to bed: “Dear God, make me rich or happy” — and “it was never mentioned: but one night I woke her with a thunderous bang — and it wasn’t until half an hour later a bag full of money under the mattress and an unconscious man lying On her bed – Max. He stole black money and a Ferrari from his friend Hans, which he drove off the road on a curve and ended up on Emma’s farm. The beginning of a strange and heartbreaking love story.
Advance price €20.00 (reduced by €12.00)
Organizer: Eight and a Half – Cinema and Culture e. Fifth

Friday 24 June 2022 Admission: 6:30 PM, Start: 7:00 PM

Herding XXL – Group Karaoke Event

Together with the CD barracks, the pirates sing the beats of different decades – this is the singing of the herd!

Presale 12.00 EUR

Saturday, 06/25/2022 Admission: 7:00 pm, start at 7:30 pm
AC/DC Show with Hellfire
They deliver a massive, original hellish show with cannons and bells as well as an honest interpretation of all the songs from “Hells Bells” to “Thunderstruck” by legendary Australian rock and roll band AC/DC.
Presales €19.00, €22.00

Thursday 30 June 2022 Admission: 6:30 pm, start at 7 pm
Tutty Tran – Close Your Eyes And Through

Tutti Tran, a Vietnamese with a Berlin snout, presents his first solo program “Augen zu und durch”! Nobody survives it, not even him. At that time, a “grain of rice” was broken, now he is a mature man with some sarcasm to “look the other way”.

VVK 24.10 € / AK 26.00 €

More program elements for the months of July, August and September can already be discovered on the home page and at Among others, concerts with Kettics, Mutz & The Blackeyed Banditz, Klaus Engling, mtp, Mama’s Cooking, Wonderprick and many others, cabaret shows with Florian Schroeder and Distel Kabarett, comedy and concert with the Hannover Swing Orchestra from the program, Square Festival CD Barracks, and the Final Concert “I’m Strong!” , and the summer festival of the Celle Climate Platform, and will also take place in the open air organized by the rock initiative Celle stage this summer

Parts of the program in the courtyard of the CD barracks are funded by the NEUSTART KULTUR “Program” in the Bundesverband Soziokultur eV by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media based on a decision of the German Bundestag. CD – Kaserne gGmbH powered by Spallasse Celle I Gifhorn I Wolfsburg.

Tickets are available to guests of the Cultural Center at the ticket shop in the CD-Kaserne gGmbH building, directly on B3, Hannoversche 30b Street, 29221 Celle, also at all ADticket/Reservix pre-booking offices and by phone at 0180- 6050400. and online at (€0.20 / call from German landlines, maximum €0.60 from German mobile networks) On some events, guests have the option to choose between three required price categories, so you can decide on the three prices they themselves want to pay for your ticket depending on their own means.

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