Summer trends ’22: Bucket hats inside, socks outside?


Summer trends ’22: Bucket hats inside, socks outside?

Singer Malik Harris wears a fisherman's hat called a bucket hat.

Singer Malik Harris wears a fisherman’s hat called a bucket hat.

Source: Jens Büttner / dpa

A modern-day futuristic look for summer – with few plagues and no war, but with a panorama of eye-catching phenomena like trendy bucket hats and thick tennis socks instead of pretty feet.

yUni, July, August – Summer! Time for a beer garden, outdoor pool, lake, sunglasses, vacation or excursions (with ticket €9).

And of course for grilling, ice cream, iced coffee, shakes, gin, tonic, and aperol spritz. What do you need to know this year to be on the lookout for what is called the most beautiful season? A selection of summer 2022 trends:

Four years ago, the headdress of the man who became known as the “citizen of the hat” was still laughed at. The man in the hunting hat clashed with ZDF journalists during the Pegida show in Dresden (“I photographed my face”). In 2022, on the other hand, fisherman’s hats, also known as bucket hats, are all the rage. At the Eurovision Song Contest, for example, winner Oleh Psjuk (28) from Ukraine wore a pink bucket hat low on his face. Young people casually wear it and it is trendy brands.

Baseball caps are now popular among all races – not just for facing the sun. The buddy says that the peaked hat is a “must have in the wardrobe of fashion-loving women”. And GQ analyzed: “From Balenciaga to Gucci, Louis Vuitton to Off-White, the baseball cap will dominate the catwalks from Milan to Paris in 2022.” Of course, the baseball cap also fits perfectly with the retro trend of the 90s and 2000s.

Short socks that are barely visible or even invisible in shoes – the so-called footwear – have been popular for years. Showing ankles was popular anyway. But anyone who respects themselves this year is said to be wearing more fabric with shorts again. The portal “Mä” declared that “white tennis socks have been around for a long time”, but “finally asserted themselves as a fashionable piece”. “No matter if it’s Nike or Adidas or something like that: white sports socks that pull well so you can see the brand is great.” What was once considered taboo could suddenly become extremely popular. Thus is life.

“Y2K glasses” are popular this year, says InStyle. So: “Twenty-first century sunglasses. What distinguishes these models? Sports XL mirrored lenses (tins and glosses are also welcome), noisy frames in neon or clear colors. » Stern also believes that Shield glasses exist: “In sports, but also in leisure, the glasses are getting bigger again. Continuous glass covers and covers the entire upper half of the face over a large area. It’s not elegant. But it is eye-catching and perfectly on trend. the old “.

Ice cream and sorbets are just as much a part of summer as french fries in the pool. It is announced that new flavors are trending every year. In 2022, the Uniteis Association named the Ice Cream of the Year “Stracciatella with Rosemary.” Motto: “Classic flavor with a touch of the Mediterranean”. However, many prefer to stay classic with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Hazelnuts, yogurt, pistachios, salted caramel and lemon are also common in Germany.

Instead of a “ball” it is now called “small balls” of ice cream. In addition to the “Calippo Shots” small water ice pearls that are seeping into the German market “Minimelts” from the USA. The product has been present for a long time in South Korea, Singapore, the Baltic states, in Ukraine or in countries neighboring Germany (with the exception of France, Luxembourg and Switzerland). There are a lot of little balls to take out of the bag. It is produced with the help of liquid nitrogen at minus 197 degrees – for Europe in Latvia. Shock freezing binds less water in the milk ice cream and makes the little balls aromatic. Pearls can also be mixed with ice cream desserts – such as bananas, chocolate, and vanilla in banana chunks. Now in Germany there are more and more brand-new supermarkets for ice cream as well as vending machines.

Fine dust, animal suffering – natural roasting is becoming an increasing problem. It’s not just the smell of sausage and steak in the air in 2022, but also the smell of vegetables. Many people talk about grilled vegetables, grilled cheese, and alternatives to meat (such as vegan steak).

Tinder will be ten years old in 2022. “After staying home for so long, we can finally go out and be brave again — so wear your favorite colors all at once, because dopamine dressing is the trend this summer,” the dating app had the seal of the relationship agency the public. It’s time to “get your truth” – whether it’s body hair, fashion style, or sexual orientation. And: “It’s time to ‘complicate’: deal actively with what you’re looking for in dating and talk openly about your intentions.” Because: “Playing games is too old.”

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