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Salvation right in the beginning. The rain cleared and rapper Casper opened the concert in Zitadelle Spandau saying “everything was nice and nothing bad”. With this title, he predicts how the evening will feel for many. Accompanied by a cellist and horrifying Casper rhythms, you feel like you’re in heaven: finally a real big concert. Distance is neither possible nor desirable.

And it’s not just a concert. In “Reunification 2” East and West meet in Berlin: Kraftklub from Chemnitz, Casper from Bielefeld and KIZ from Berlin. It is also a meeting with the masses. The event was announced in the summer of 2020, when the slowly easing of restrictions gave rise to hope that major events could soon be repeated. At the time, hardly anyone could guess that it would take nearly another two years for the time to actually come. All three shows are now shown in front of 10,000 spectators this evening. All proceeds from ticket sales must go to crews.

Finally, it’s also a reunion of artists who have been friends for years. Unforgotten is “Red Bull Soundclash” in 2012, in which Kraftklub and KIZ competed against each other on opposite stages and the latter covered Kraftklub’s first major hit “I Don’t Want to Go to Berlin” – and Chemnitzers went on to the special tune: “Piss off from Berlin” !”

At first glance, the artists are quite different: Casper is known as the “emo rapper” who draws on personal, emotional, and always politically correct scripts. KIZ is just the opposite: their fans consist of Atzen and Antifa, which you can also feel at the concert: while everyone in Casper sways peacefully, KIZ, who finally appears, is being pushed and squeezed. The rap group, whose name is sometimes translated as “cannibals in civilian clothes”, and sometimes as “artists in restrained jackets”, had their biggest appearance – likely when AfD politician Bernd Baumann quoted their texts in the Bundestag as Anti-German and anti-Christian.

Nothing and nobody survives

An excerpt from this speech opens their latest album “Rap über Hass”, and they played it that evening at Zitadelle – without trying to hide their joy. KIZ’s scripts consist largely of exaggerated, speckle-like fantasies of violence and contempt for humans, nothing and no one takes for granted. The fact that a party like the AfD, whose politics are based on hate speech and hate, are bothered by this is exactly what the band wants to achieve.

Everything is brutal anyway. Especially when you find yourself echoing the chorus to thousands of people: “Hearing impaired and mentally retarded!” KIZ has a great talent for making people uncomfortable. Kraftklub is a sandwich band – they play in the middle, but they’re also somewhere between KIZ and Casper: the words are sometimes political, sometimes personal, but always appropriate for the radio. In September they will release a new album, the last released in 2017. The two already released singles, “Ein Song Reich” and “Wittenberg ist nicht Paris” are already largely celebrated at the concert in Zitadel.

[Der tägliche Nachrichtenüberblick aus der Hauptstadt: Schon rund 57.000 Leser:innen informieren sich zweimal täglich mit unseren kompakten überregionalen Newslettern. Melden Sie sich jetzt kostenlos hier an.]

With one song enough, the band made a great comeback. evokes feelings of nostalgia for their early twenties in many who grew up with the band – the song is about the pain of first love and the singing of major indie bands in the early 2000s: “Over and over again Mike Skinner, Kate Nash, Lykke Li/Tame Impala and the Killers/Florence and the Machine.”

The feeling seems to come

Ten years ago, half the audience in the castle might have heard more of the soundtrack for “Elsa” than the bands reported, but it doesn’t matter, the feeling still seems to linger: Everyone sings as if this was the band’s biggest hit. – Perhaps it will be in the future.

Despite the special circumstances, the program for this evening is routine for all three, and there is hardly any room for experiments. Almost Casper and Kraftklub play old songs that everyone here can sing along to in their sleep. KIZ is at least confident enough to play many tracks from their latest album. Each person has about 45 minutes, there are only breaks during the shift. And between that there is a jump and an invitation and a messenger. Everything fit perfectly, practiced a thousand times, by artists and fans.

As Kraftklub plays the first strings of “Randale,” everyone knows what’s going to happen in the middle of the song: the audience bows low, swings along, and then, when the beat kicks in, jumps en masse, cups, hair ties and jackets in the air. And indeed it is beautiful, this is the moment that you will remember, even if you watched it or participated in it often.

One could have wished for more interaction between the bands, and Casper and Kraftklub only play their usual themes together: “Okay” and “Liam’s songs”. At the end is a piece for three, one in which cell phones are placed in the air as a lighter replacement and easy to influence. Legs also get tired after this program.

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