Note: the United States, the land of satire culture

It is now possible (and perhaps even probable) that the United States will go beyond recovery. They have hurt themselves irreparably with their own hatred and madness. This division has become self-destructive.

That’s absurd considering the pandemic, the climate crisis, the war in Ukraine, the education crisis, homelessness, and all the medicine in America. There’s a lot to do…but the illusion is always silly, of course.

This Summer of America’s speaker, Steve Kerr, is a basketball coach. Kerr once had to witness how his father, a political scientist, was shot twice in the head in a dysfunctional country, Lebanon. Later, as a Chicago player, Kerr was shorter than Michael Jordan but helped. Now, as coach of the Golden State Warriors, he’s distracting the United States from its focus on the sport, distracting from the distraction and getting back to work.

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Ten people were shot dead in a Buffalo supermarket and 21 at an elementary school in Ovaldi. Before the game against Dallas, Kerr spoke for only two and a half minutes, saying, “This is why I ask you, Mitch McConnell, I ask you, all senators who refuse to do anything about the violence and shootings in our schools and supermarkets: Would you put your own quest to control Our children’s lives? And that’s our seniors? What about our churchgoers? Because that’s what it looks like. We do it every week. I’m sick, I’m done.”

“I’m tired, I’m done.”

The Constitution of the United States, passed in 1787 and enacted in 1789, contained nine amendments in 1791, including a second: “As a well-organised militia is essential to the security of a free nation, the right of the people to bear arms was not known by the framers of this Constitution.” Little did they know about America’s future, and they knew nothing of a semi-automatic assault rifle called the AR-15.

Incidentally, the framers of the Constitution knew nothing of contraception or abortion; They didn’t even mention the women.
Anyone who exaggerates the madness of America today invokes this Constitution. When it comes to guns, they are not arguing for the right to life, they are arguing for Native American freedom. Sponsored by the armed lobby, Donald Trump says the only protection against killing spree is to arm teachers and parents.

This American freedom does not matter to McConnell or Trump when it comes to women’s freedom. Abortion should always and essentially be prohibited, even after rape or incest. The Supreme Court ruling, which prematurely became known, states that: “a fatal mistake from the start” was the 1973 ruling, Roe v. Wade, which granted women the right to have an abortion. At this point, dissenters in America don’t find the rules so bad, and now it’s about life, the fetus.

Nothing goes together. Or is he? If it were to impose a patriarchal-military-republican way of life and force women into ancient roles, as in Margaret Atwood’s Gilead state, it would all hold together.

Not recognizing the loss of the election was an obligatory part of it; And the call to buy more guns, too, so that there will be enough stock when you need them after the next electoral victory.

For decades, I believed, with love, that the United States would always find a way because they had endless imagination, strength, and courage. I’m afraid the tank is empty.

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