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Final defeats, as difficult as they may seem, are not new to Jürgen Klopp. Before he could complete his collection of titles with all the relevant titles in England as Liverpool coach this season, Klopp had to endure six losing finals in a row between 2013 and 2018, including the Champions League final in 2018 with Liverpool against: Real Madrid.

However, Klopp didn’t let disappointment drag him down at the time. After returning home, he got rid of mishaps with his circle of acquaintances. At dawn, Klopp openly agreed to release a smug music video he had recorded shortly before with his clique around Campino, the Tottenham Hotspur striker. We can hear how he announced in cheers that he would bring the trophy to Liverpool ‘next year’ after at least ‘watching’ it, but the coaches had ‘damned luck’ on their side. One year Klopp and Liverpool have already won the prestigious trophy.

The episode is emblematic of how Klopp deals with bitter defeats: although he is usually very frustrated with his choice of words, he always manages to raise the bar for himself and his team. And so, even after Liverpool went bankrupt again against Real on Saturday night, Klopp issued a clear order to the players, the staff and the fans: Celebrate the defeat!

Although “no one on this planet” might understand, it was announced that Sunday’s parade through Liverpool would certainly be held to mark an “exceptional season”. The open-top bus was to travel 13.5 kilometers through the port city to the docks on the Mersey River. There are still reasons to celebrate: The previous weekend, after winning the League Cup and the FA Cup, the club had the chance to win a four-way title never seen before in England.

However, long-standing rival ManCity won the tournament by one more point on the final day of the match – and now Real Madrid have won the Handle Cup with a hard-earned 1-0. Klopp saw both of them as “the smallest teams possible”, which is why he unreservedly conveyed his “pride” to the players. However, he already suspected that it would take much longer to get rid of the disappointment. Most of the pros headed off the field immediately after the awards ceremony, and none of the regulars chose to go into the interview area, with the exception of captain Jordan Henderson, Andrew Robertson and Ibrahima Konate.

After all, Liverpool hardly have to blame themselves later – apart from the little thing they once again failed to score, as they recently did in the National Cup competitions. The Reds won both awards on penalties after a goalless draw. This strange but meaningful stat resulted in Liverpool taking 61 shots on target in the 330 minutes of the final, 17 of them on target – and none of them found their way into the net. In the exchange of blows with Real Madrid alone, Klopp had five first-class chances.

Mohamed Salah failed in four attempts from exciting Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, once standing alone in the final stage. Attacking partner Sadio Mane hit the post after Courtois acted on his tiptoes. Klopp summed up that when a goalkeeper at Courtois receives the ‘Man of the Match’ award, it is ‘always bad news’ for the opponent. From his point of view, the Belgian goalkeeper made three “global saves”, which turned the match in Real Madrid’s favour.

In the Champions League finals, it is often the first goal that decides

Klopp left no stone unturned in his heart with helplessness, and after playing Diogo Jota and Roberto Firmino, Liverpool ended up with four strikers. It was understandable, if not very promising: behind reliable strikers Salah (eight goals), Mane (five), Firmino (five) and Luis Diaz (two goals), committed in the winter, only the central defender scored in this Champions League season. Konate, who is strong in the air, twice.

Liverpool’s occasional lack of throwing threat from midfield seems to be welded into the game’s structure, but it seems to be increasing the pressure on attacking players once again in the Finals. In addition, all three first-class finals ended with the same score (1-0). In the regular season, only Manchester United managed to turn their deficit into a Champions League victory – thanks to the famous last-minute goal in 1999 against Bayern Munich (2:1).

Klopp is already looking forward to next year

Compared to Liverpool’s last defeat to Real Madrid four years ago, which brought tears to the eyes of most professionals, players have now reacted largely with equanimity. On the one hand, because the 2019 final they won has a relieving effect, on the other because the team will largely stay together. Key players in defense and midfield have contracts that last for several years – unlike in the Storm. In this part of the team, fans are interested in the question: what happens from a golden trident about Salah, Mane and Firmino? All of their contracts will expire in June 2023. While Salah has announced at least at poker that he will honor his contract, Mané has not made a decision.

That couldn’t hurt Klopp’s notorious optimism on Saturday. He said he could only imagine that his team would soon reach a final in this category again. The players are “competitive” and have an “incredible attitude”. And so, in the hour of disappointment, Klopp summoned the power to call out fans to book the “hotels” in Istanbul – the venue for next year’s first-class final.

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