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BERLIN (AFP) – Freddy Bobic won the hearts of fans with his impromptu speech, but there were nasty insults and mockery of Lars Windhurst. After all, the frightening presidential revolution did not materialize in a very emotional Hertha BSC general meeting. The image presented by the Crisis Club just one week after the dramatic rescue of the Bundesliga’s touchdown on Sunday in Showroom 20 is still disturbing.

After hours of debate, the presidential no-confidence vote that remained after club president Werner Gegenbauer resigned, but it soon became clear to managing director Bobbeck and Windhorst, who was deeply hostile to many: a deep division is division. Herta years after the great crisis. Interim President Thorsten Mansky resigned after a disastrous election result with a 64.2 percent disapproval.

“We are the most embarrassing club in all of Germany,” said one member. This resounding verbal slap represented a series of angry verbal contributions. The charges were mismanagement, failure of control, and crippling inertia. Meeting Leader Dirk Lintefer had to intervene several times to calm things down. But opponents of radical disturbances have made themselves heard.

The threat of Bobic being unable to act due to a lack of management midway through the start of the transition also had an impact on the 2,628 voting members present. In the vote, which lasted for hours, none of the six club officials achieved the three-quarters majority required for the vote. But Mansky’s score was so poor that he left voluntarily just four days after Boss Werner Gegenbauer’s resignation.

Thus, until the June 26 presidential election, Hertha’s quintet Fabian Drescher, Anne Gingermann, Per Mock Sommer, Ingmar Bering and Norbert Sauer – it was not initially clear who would take over the administration. So far, only Kay Bernstein, the former Ultra entrepreneur, has announced his candidacy for the CEO position. According to his own statement, the re-elected chairman of the supervisory board, Torsten-Jörn Klein, does not want to run. “We wanted to launch an offensive that didn’t work,” Klein said of the athletic recovery that failed despite Windhurst millions.

“I feel guilty,” Bobic admitted in his speech on the omissions. You don’t have a team this season. But: “I see a lot of talent. Hertha BSC isn’t that bad,” the MD added and began an emotional speech about Hertha’s boom. “I have the strength, the will and the positivity to say that this club can do so much,” the 50-year-old said. The work will be much more difficult.

The protests before the Windhurst speech were noisy. The 45-year-old was only able to start speaking after Lentfer shouted in front of a group of young Hertha members. “I want Hertha BSC to be a huge success,” he said to the applause of the majority of the members. Addressing his critics, Windhurst ruled out withdrawal. “Windhurst is out, not working,” he said. The 375 million euros in shares “are fully paid up and will also be mine for the next 10-20 years,” Windhurst said. In a secondary clause, announce other possible payments.

Mansky had asked Windhurst for better cooperation after the violent disharmony of the past few months. In his speech he said, “I beg you, let us speak to each other and not to each other. Let us treat each other with confidence and respect.” ‘Let’s get close to the ranks’ shouted senior Presidium Lundhurst—and a few hours later Hertha was himself history.

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