Destiny 2’s almost unknown Sherpa culture exists – and Ilias Gaming is an active part of it

Destiny 2 has a complex world that often swallows up new players as they try to make sense of the space shooter world. Those who seek help with the LFG system are often disappointed. Knowledge of the game and weapons is usually a prerequisite for the activities there. But Destiny Sherpa is different. They like to use their power to help others in the game. MeinMMO spoke to one of you.

As a ranger in Destiny 2, you have to save humanity from many threats. The ill-fated traveler has falsified his guardians about strength and sacrifice.

Carrying the winds of ambition, the Rangers roam souls in search of their target in a complex war-like world. They sacrifice their immortal lives in the game to serve the traveler, and most importantly to protect the last city. Unless you have just escaped from the world of space and have no idea what to do now.

This happened to many new Destiny Guardians, and luckily some encountered Sherpas in their search for explanations.

In Destiny 2, Ilias Gaming is part of the German Sherpa community and not only streams on Twitch and YouTube. He also regularly offers his help to Destiny 2 players.

MeinMMO spoke to him and asked why he wanted to support the other Guardians and didn’t mind explaining things in detail.

You can achieve more in a team and thanks to the Sherpas you can also understand all the mechanics.

MyMMO: Could you introduce yourself to our readers please? Who are you and what do you work professionally and in your spare time?

Elias Games: Yes, of course! Anna Roland, 34, is married and father of four from Allgäu. I studied business law and am a tax assistant by profession, so it’s actually pretty boring. I feel like I don’t have enough spare time, but when I have free time I run regularly to get back in shape for a marathon. Other than that, I really like going to the movies, and I’m a gamer, so I put a lot of time into it too.

MyMMO: How did you get into playing Destiny specifically? Tell us something about your career.

Games played a role for me from a very young age. When I was 3, my siblings got the NES with Super Mario Bros and that’s when it happened to me. I’ve specifically played Destiny since the Destiny 1 beta.

I really got into the Destiny game when I decided to create content for Destiny 2 on my YouTube channel and focus on it.

MyMMO: Can you explain to our readers what a “sherpa” is in fate? why are you doing that?

“Sherpa” is actually a term known mainly from mountaineering. The Sherpas are (mostly locals) who helped mountaineers climb the peaks. They carried equipment and guided climbers through the mountains on safe routes.

And that’s what you do as a Sherpa in Destiny. You help other players launch a raid, dungeon, or leader. There is no match for these activities, and for many it may not be possible to engage in these activities otherwise.

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MyMMO: Why did you start with Sherpa?

There are many reasons why I currently make Sherpas in Destiny 2.

Basically, for an experienced Destiny player like myself, it’s definitely a very satisfying feeling when you’re able to help someone first go on a raid or complete their conqueror title and then watch the Gratitude.

On the other hand, it is also a personal challenge. You never know how much experience a player you get with you has. Especially at dusk on the highest level of difficulty (the leader) the whole level can become more difficult if you have to do a large part of the “work” with two people and explain something at the same time.

Another reason is that, frankly, Sherpa streams both in PVE and PVP are well watched and this is reflected in the viewership. I am happy to help and above all, it is a win-win situation. The spectator, the buffer, and the player you assist.

MyMMO: How complicated are you currently finding in explaining Destiny 2’s content and mechanics to new players?

It’s really not that complicated. But there is much that can be explained. Destiny’s basically new players aren’t dealt with. You have to learn everything on your own. When I think about how often I get asked where mod XY came from in my Youtube videos. So you can see that even something as basic as collecting all the mods and where to get them can be a “challenge” for a new player.

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MeinMMO: Destiny 2 caters to the type of player who only has two hours per week to play and complete activities. What effect does this have on the activities of the end game and Sherpas?

In fact, I have to say here that it actually has no effect. Of course it’s always the case with the first runner that someone can’t go because their strength level isn’t high enough, but there are plenty of interested players out there who always have enough to do here. You can already tell very clearly that Bungie has greatly simplified the power leveling in recent years.

Sherpas help players complete exotic weapon missions on higher difficulty levels.

MyMMO: What special events or stories happened to you during the raids?

Often this is a situational comedy, which is difficult to explain here. But thinking about my last broadcast, these are situations where one of my colleagues puts a slack tower right in front of you the moment you’re about to fire the rocket launcher at the hero and dismember yourself with it.

Or you want to be very casual, and because the Anti-Barrier Champion’s armor just broke, you pop out of cover to finish it with the rocket launcher, only because you misjudged the height of the fence. Zack You’re dead again, but nonetheless you definitely have all the laughs on your side.

MyMMO: I think other players know such situations. What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into the endgame of Fate Destiny?

Watch the videos and streams of others running the higher level, dive into how mods/exo armor works, etc., and learn about crafting the build.

After knowing what equipment is theoretically required for Activity XY and knowing the mechanics/specifications, it’s time to practice, practice, and practice again.

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I also recommend doing activities that may be very challenging at the moment. So, for example, trying to play a solo dungeon or playing Twilight Strike solo on a higher difficulty level. It’s not about doing the activity on your own, it’s about competing with yourself and always trying to move forward, learning more and more about moving and surviving at the end of the game.

Because you can hardly believe it, but movement and knowing when to break cover, which opponent should attack first and who only later, is very important for a PVE endgame. If you only play seasonal content and regular hits, never challenge yourself, you won’t improve in Destiny 2.

I still have a lot to learn as well, and I’m constantly watching videos/streams from speed runners and other PVE crackers to learn a thing or two. And ideally, I can then pass on what I’ve learned to my viewers.

MyMMO: Finally, one last question. If you were granted one wish in Bungie and it was instantly changed, what would you wish for?

More content! Destiny has a large base of loyal players, and one of the main reasons Fate often disappoints them is because they have nothing left to do at least mid-season (if not sooner). They would play more than once, but then there was nothing new or rewarding for them to do. I also think that the majority of players would be willing to pay more for good content.

Of course there are many other things that could be better, but I think more rewarding content would be one of the most important things.

We would like to thank Roland from Ilias Gaming for the interview and wish him a lot of fun and success on Destiny 2 as well as on Twitch and YouTube.

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