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The past few weeks have been tough. Since SG BBM Bietigheim managed to secure the German championship as early as May, the club has been in celebration mode. This was followed by a furious victory in the European Cup, after an eventual losing season in the German League.

“We really had fun,” says Louisa Schulze, who was quickly shot in the eye by one of the other players in the first celebration. “After that, the bottles were just handed to me and they opened and opened away from me,” says the 31-year-old, who after a similar incident to professional cyclist Benyam Jermay nearly two weeks later received quite a few jests. But Schulz takes it with good humor.

There’s another tale that the Altenburger native has to tell – and there’s already a lot to be said about her athletic life. The 122-time national player managed to celebrate the German Championship with HC Leipzig, won the title three more times in BBM, and won the DHB Cup three times in total.

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Such a compelling season that Bittgheim presented this year is also a new one on Schultz. Women have won all competitions and seasons in 52 matches. The result of their equally convincing and respected handball was a Super Cup victory, with the club demonstrating their superiority over last year’s BVB champions Dortmund, the championship and last but not least the first international title in the club’s history. “It is indescribable and it was all a little unreal. But it shows how much we have developed together as a team this year. I have never experienced that in my career so far,” says Schulz. For them, as well as for German handball, success in the league European is a small milestone.After Leipzig’s victory, it took 30 years for a club to stand on the top of the podium again.It was also the first international title for a German team since Buxtehude won the EHF Challenge Cup twelve years ago.

“It is a pity that something like this cannot keep pace with the success in the European Cup with footballers. But despite everything, it is an important sign,” says Schultz, who hopes that such achievements will attract more attention and more TV time. But there may still be a long way to go until then. Especially since the European Men’s Handball Championship is only presented as a live broadcast on a pay channel and the matches of the women’s national team are not included in the TV program either.

“It’s sad, because in the end we invest like other athletes. Unfortunately that’s the way it is and we have to keep working on it now,” says Schultz, who will no longer continue her career at Bettigheim next season, but with her league rivals in Neckarsulm. The circuit player, who has played such an important role in Betigheim’s success over the past six years, has lacked the club’s recognition, so with her heavy heart she looked elsewhere and is now looking for a new challenge with her derby rivals.

The new employer is only 30 minutes away by car because the family does not have to change the center of their lives. Summer is left for the holidays, and above all, Schultz can finally celebrate with wife Saskia with friends after last year’s small wedding due to Corona.

On Sunday, handball players from Bietigheim can celebrate another title

Schulz now speaks frankly about her same-sex relationship, although she was initially hesitant about sharing her sexual orientation with the public. “I was already thinking about how the reactions would be. But in general the reactions were very positive. It is good that more and more people are taking this step,” says Schultz, also in relation to recent outings in international football. “It doesn’t really matter what other people think when you’re happy with yourself,” she says.

The player has been dealing with the things she thinks she’s making for some time now. Whether it’s her vegan lifestyle, which she has led for six years, thus eliminating preconceived notions that still exist, or her love for tattoos, which is so evident on her body. Luisa Schulze stands out – not only because of her height of 1.90 meters, which is impressive even by handball standards.

However, on the field, the circuit runner stands out mainly because of her passion. Every successful act is celebrated – whether Schulz himself is involved or not – and the team is always propelled forward. There have been a lot of successful campaigns in Bietigheim recently, and one highlight remains. In the fourth DHB Cup Final in Stuttgart, Schultz could celebrate his fourth success of the season with BBM as the defending champion.

Although the field of participants with the cup winners of the last four tournaments is well occupied, the champions won the semi-final against Thüringer HC on Saturday 32:28 (17:12) and will play in the final on Sunday against VfL Oldenburg (3 pm, at both and as a clear candidate for the award. For Luisa Schulze, the quad would be the perfect result after a busy time in Bietigheim. She always has the air for another title celebration.

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