UEFA Champions League: The final threatens to sink into chaos! Football Champions League

Chaos before the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid (click here for the live broadcast).

The kick-off had to be postponed several times!

Reason: According to numerous media reports, several hundred Liverpool fans managed to get into the Stade de France without a ticket.

RMC journalist Nicholas Pelletier filmed the tumultuous scenes an hour before kick-off!

He stated that hundreds of Liverpool fans easily passed the first control area in front of the stadium. So the police were so surprised by the crowds in District Two, Gate U, that they had to give way.

Hundreds of fans can flock to the stadium without a ticket!

Twitter also shows that fans panicked from the fences to enter the stadium.

But shortly before kick-off, he breathed a sigh of relief: the unticketed fans were caught and driven out of the stadium area.

However, Liverpool’s block was scantly full fifteen minutes before kick-off.

Therefore, UEFA has decided: to postpone the kick-off from 9:00 PM to 9:15 PM!

An announcement at the stadium read: “Due to the late arrival of the fans, the match will start at a later time. More information will be available within 15 minutes at the latest.”

9.08 pm the following message: Once again it will be delayed a quarter of an hour!

Organizers are taking action and closing all ticket entrances!

A number of fans complained on Twitter about UEFA’s announcement that “arriving too late” was to blame. They’ve been in front of the stadium for hours!

Fans with tickets apparently yelling: “Open the gates!”

Paris police tweet: “Don’t be forced to enter!”

At 21.07, Liverpool return to the pitch to warm up again. Real Madrid follows at 9:12 pm. Four minutes later, the two teams returned to the dressing room.

From the area around the stadium, spectators showed that police were using tear gas to control the event.


Police on duty against fans

Photo: Getty Images

At 9.18pm, the message from UEFA: The match must start at 9.36pm!

Six minutes later at 9:24 p.m., the pre-match show begins with musician Camila Cabello.

9:33 p.m.: The bands are out, shortly after which the iconic anthem sounds.

Officially, Liverpool and Real only got 20,000 tickets for their fans. The total number of spectators in the Paris stadium is 81,338.

According to Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, there are about 60,000 Liverpool fans in the capital, two-thirds of whom are without a ticket. Klopp said Paris is big enough to attract these fans to have a good time.

A total of 6,800 police officers are currently deployed in the French capital. They were supposed to stop the fan storm…

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