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“Top Gun: Maverick” has been in cinemas since Thursday. The sequel to the 1986 movie that made then-unknown Tom Cruise a superstar. Here opinions differ – including those of our film critics Anna Woolner and Bettina Bulik.

PRO: “Top Gun Maverick” is movement perfection in its purest form

by Anna Woolner

In these times, can you, in good conscience, find a perfectly good movie for military propaganda? Yes you can. Because “Top Gun: Maverick” isn’t about fighting and killing, it’s not about business of war, it’s about team spirit, about strength metering, about push-ups, playing beach volleyball half-naked on the beach at the perfect sunset and about getting past yourself.

Top Gun: Maverick is business perfection in its purest form. A film as accurate and precise as the army. Every movement here. Not only in the Air Force, but also in the production of Joseph Kosinski. Already in the opening sequence, where the captain welcomes the pilots to the basic course in air combat maneuvers, you get goosebumps. A 1:1 copy of the original and a reminder of the old days when action movies were shot with analog and actors didn’t bounce back in front of the green screen. Because Tom Cruise wouldn’t be Tom Cruise if he didn’t insist on filming all the flight scenes himself – without a businessman, up in the air. But it is not only him, but also the flight students who have to prepare for an assignment in this sequel. In a very short time, the young actors learned to fly jet planes and work at the same time. Or no, because Top Gun: Maverick is so real that the characters who fainted in the cockpit passed out during filming. Even the vomiting is real. The bottom line is: Just Wow – a movie that gives you the feeling of watching it as if you were flying with it yourself.

Cons: “Top Gun: Maverick” lacks plot and story

by Bettina Bulik

Jennifer Connelly stars alongside Tom Cruise in the Joseph Kosinski action movie Top Gun: Maverick.

It’s impressive how 60-year-old Tom Cruise still embodies his stellar role in top physical shape 36 years later. Definitely: respect! But all the originality in honor. Just because the action in “Maverick” is so manageable and tangible and doesn’t get past without the green-screen hype, it doesn’t make up for the lack of plot and story. If you don’t know the origin, you won’t be immersed in ’80s nostalgia soaked in the sunset with memories of youth and the hero recognition factor, but you’ll be bored an hour later at the latest.

The question against whom one is actually going to war and risking one’s life remains a mystery. The enemy has no name or nationality. This is amazing and you can already think, why do you need such a military ad in terms of immunity. Which now comes to cinemas in times of war in Ukraine, but of course it has been prepared, filmed and produced for years. Half-naked beach volleyball no longer has any of the original subconscious homosexual feelings, now all the bodies are well-lubricated, harmless and clean. “Top Gun: Maverick” is a completely archaic pilot porn movie, that looks like a teenager.

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