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The long-awaited return to professional football is close to Oldenburg VFB. After winning the championship at Regionalliga Nord, duels now await with Northeast Champion BFC Dynamo. Today the first leg is played in Berlin (live on 600 fans travel with us.

BFC head coach Christian Bennick was at Marschweg last Saturday when Oldenburg claimed the league title with a 1-1 victory over Holstein Kiel II. But the coach could have saved himself from the spy tour: “The way they played, we won’t see them against us. Many normal players were saved, the wings were occupied the wrong way. It wasn’t in FB Oldenburg like I know”, Benbennek in “Berliner Kurier” “He was not fooled by the actions of fellow VfB colleague Dario Fauci. In the first leg, 600 Oldenburg fans will accompany them to Berlin.

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The former second division football club tied against Holstein Kiel II and now plays promotion matches against the North East representative. more

VFB Schachten Sports Director Expects ‘Fifty Duels’

The mini-episode shows Oldenburg going all out to get the ride of the clearly favorite DDR Oberliga record champion. VFB Sports Director Sebastian Schachten does not see his team without a chance. Today’s match in Berlin (2pm NDR Livecenter) and the return leg on June 4th in Oldenburg (live on TV and at NDR Livecenter) are “fifty duels,” St. Pauli Brophy said. : “We will hit everything we have.”

Captain Oldenburg Wegner: “We’re really in a good mood”

In any case, the VfB players are hot: “We’re really ready for it,” said captain Max Wegner, who is especially looking forward to the home game at Marschwig: “It’s going to be more packed in the stands than against Kiel. We’ll sprint on the gas again and that’s it.” It will really burn.” There were 3,600 spectators against Kiel. The potential for fans exists with the former second club and the club close to the Bundesliga: should the promotion be successful, VfB expects an average audience of 6000 to 7000.

BFC: Warranty required may not be a problem

Lower Saxony is not deterred by possible financial difficulties with its opponents, which could prevent their rise. BFC still had to deposit a €900,000 guarantee with the German Football Association (DFB) to take part in the third division – but a week before the deadline (June 1, 5pm) the club had already collected €720,000 sponsors and donations.

Fauci warns of BFC ‘stealing’

“Economically speaking, Dynamo has a lot more opportunities than we do,” said Fauci of Nordwest Zeitung. “That’s why they can supply a lot more ex-pros than us or Weiche Flensburg. It’s a very stolen and experienced regional league team.” Only Berlin striker Christian Beck (23 goals this season) can look back in 175 matches in the third division and 31 matches in the second division with a total of 72 goals against 1. FC Magdeburg.

VFB defender Appiah: “It’s all about us”

But there is also experience in the ranks of Oldenburg: defender Marcel Appiah, for example, played 115 matches in the third division and also appeared 52 times in the second division.

The former professional at VfL Osnabrück does not deal either Discussions about the necessary conversion of the Marschweg stadium, which is not suitable for the third tier, or the prospect of building a new arena: “If I were to build it myself, it would collapse after the match.” Appiah prefers to be interested in sports success – the 34-year-old confides: “Everything is possible for us.”

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Mike Lukovic of Oldenburg at megaphone © IMAGO / Nordphoto Photo: Rogan

The former second division team is on the cusp of winning the regional league title. If he gets promoted, he will probably have to move on. The stadium is not suitable for the third degree. more

Radek Drulak of Oldenburg (second from right) allows Michael Schgönberg of Hanover (right) to exit.  © IMAGO / Rust

In 1992, FB Oldenburg missed the sensation only on the last day of the match, despite winning at Meppen – because there was no backing from FC St. Pauli. more

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