Parents’ council: Gymnastics in the classroom is unreasonable in the long run – Fürstenfeldbruck

It’s kind of a request for help: In an open letter to District Administrator Thomas Karmasin (CSU), the Parents Council at Viscardi-Gymnasium urgently requests that the gymnasium, which is used as emergency housing for refugees from Ukraine, is again issued for physical education classes. Inka Pavlov, chair of the committee, is clearly committed to helping people from Ukraine, but sees the region as having a responsibility to look for alternative housing options. Two years after the outbreak of the epidemic, “all young people have a special need to exercise and social interaction in sports competitions.” Moreover: “Our children have the right to education, including physical education.” Director Walter Zelmayr agrees. On Friday, he said the fact that the gym had not been available for classes since the beginning of April was a “major flaw.” He is confident that the region will be able to do without the gym when housing refugees. The hope seems well-founded: the cues of encouragement came from the district office on the same day.

Inca Pavlo also addresses the city of Fürsten Feldbruck, members of the State Parliament, the Federal Parliament and the State Government with an open letter. But it sees responsibility above all else in the region. She emphasizes the school family’s great willingness to help, and is “intense and full of conviction” for refugees from Ukraine. Meanwhile, 34 Ukrainian students are taught and nurtured in three welcome groups – by 21 volunteer parents as well as active and former teachers. In addition, more than 60 thousand euros were collected during the “peace marches” and donated to help Ukraine.

Sports theory in the school building? Not what you need after two years of the pandemic

The physical education of more than 1,100 students had to be moved into the classroom for several weeks due to bad weather – but only simple exercises and theory lessons are available there. Zellmeier stresses that it is not easy to motivate fifth or sixth graders, whose favorite subject is sports, to do boring exercises in class. Ball games are not possible there. There are also organizational problems: two classrooms are needed as changing rooms, physical education teachers have so far been changed in the toilet. It’s all very difficult. And that’s even after a long period of coronavirus-related restrictions, in which children and young adults spend a lot of time in front of the computer and urgently need to exercise. Zellmayer: “We’re really happy to help, but this is not a long-term situation.”

Viscardi Gymnasium is also challenging because it is a performance-oriented primary school in volleyball, athletics and movement arts and has an international reputation with Viscardi Circus with over 250 active students. Anyone represented twice at World Gymnaestrada counts on coaching opportunities, according to the president of the Parents’ Council. We therefore urge you to find alternative housing for the refugees immediately.”

According to Walter Zellmayer, this should also be a concern for the district office. However, nothing has been heard from this aspect yet, and there is also no time limit for its use as an emergency sedative. Would it be fair to him if the other schools in the area had a role in their sports clubs? “No,” says the principal, “I would not expect that from any other high school.” It should be possible to “find other solutions”.

The district office expects to be able to vacate the hall within two weeks

The chances of that happening look pretty good. A spokeswoman for the district office announced that the letter to the Parents’ Council will be answered in detail shortly. The district office is trying hard to move the approximately 88 people currently staying in the gym to other accommodations. This should also happen in about two weeks – provided that the situation does not suddenly deteriorate by then, for example due to the arrival of many refugees from Ukraine in the region. “We are in the process of it,” the spokeswoman said. However, after the gym is vacated, it may take some time before she is prepared for physical education again. Residential containers will be set up elsewhere for people from Ukraine, and there is also capacity in existing accommodations.

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