KuKuHU: A Week Full of Music, Art, and Culture

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KuKuHU: A Week Full of Music, Art, and Culture

The B.Groovy band will play “Music from the heart” at the Schützenhaus – that is, jazz, pop, Latin and rock.

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After a two-year break, the large community celebrates Art and Culture Week again. What does the program look like?

Henstedt-Ulzburg. Pentecost is just around the corner and with it a beginning 14th Art and Culture Week In Henstedt-Ulzburg, briefly KuKuHU. In the past two years, the week of the festival had to be canceled due to Corona. This year, between June 6 and 12, it turns Henstedt-Ulzburg All about music, painting and crafts. As always, the start is on White Monday at Götzberger Mühle.

Mayor Ulrich Schmidt and Christian Robes, president of Henstedt-Ulzburg-Marketing, the umbrella organization for KuKuHU, will speak there at 10:30 a.m. at the opening. Interested parties do not have to go far to experience the first musical performances from 12 noon. In the adjacent Hof Schümann, the duo “Bebensee & Schefe” KuKuHU opens musically with the song KuKuHU.

Culture Week aims to bring people together

Then it continues until 5 pm with low German pop, blues, rock, folk, old and “swing” accordion. A tip from the organisers: Unfortunately, only cold drinks will be served here this year, so it’s recommended to have a stocked picnic basket with you to quench your lunchtime hunger.

The KuKuHU information pavilion in the courtyard has everything you need to know about Art and Culture Week. The volunteer caregivers, as Ingrid Wacker’s organizational team call themselves, provide not only information about the 14th KuKuHU, but also information about their work and the idea behind it all. Their motto “connects art and culture”. The intention of the initiators was to create a network, to give opportunity to all creators and above all to bring people in the community together and give everyone access. Thus, entry to all events is free. The performers perform at no charge, venues are provided free of charge, and everyone involved works on a voluntary basis.

Culture Week is also funded by KuKuHu . wine

KuKuHU is funded by over a dozen sponsors and sells KuKuHU wine. The range of events and exhibitions is extensive: only 23 galleries await their visitors. In places where shoes are usually sold, flights are booked, or prescriptions are refunded, in the week after Pentecost, customers are delighted with pictures and photographs. An art walk along the “Kunstmeile Hamburger Straße” provides a good opportunity to explore a large part of the galleries. Organized by “BürgerAktiv” expertly led by local painter Gudrun Naujok.

In the KuKuHU programme, 30 individual events in 27 locations await full houses. Rock, pop, and classical music can be heard at the Bürgerhaus, the Kulturkate and at the Schützenhaus, and the three local churches also participate. Choral singing, classical violin music and a piano concert with Culture Award winner Edda Blufarb will fill places of worship with wonderful sounds.

In this context, those in charge of the KuKuHU point out that masks are mandatory in churches and in the elderly residence of the Fürstenhof during the events. For indoor events, it is recommended to wear masks up to the seat.

An arts and crafts market will open at the community center on June 11-12. In addition to beautiful and useful things, there is also musical entertainment: Henstedt-Ulzburger Alstergulls and the Kisdorf troupe play. If you want to be active, we recommend the “Wirtshaussingen” in the “Schweinske” restaurant with Verena Grützbach and Klaus Deutscher. Youth Center “Tonne” with “Open Graffiti Workshop” and Malte Dose at the arts and crafts market with “Join-in with stencils” campaign invites you to participate.

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