Job center responsible for refugees Ukraine from June

The duty station assumes responsibility.

For people who have fled Ukraine to Germany since February 2022, the responsible employment centers will be responsible for looking after them from June 1. You can then change from the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act (AsylbLG) to the Basic Insurance (SGB II) in Schwerin.

Residence permit required

It is already possible to apply for basic security features. The job center makes the decision on the application when the legal regulations for changing the legal field are established. The legal requirements to receive SGB II benefits are a bogus certificate or residence permit in accordance with Section 24 AufenthG and identity processing. So an unambiguous clarification of identity, or at least data storage in the Central Register of Aliens (AZR). Replacement certificates issued by immigration authorities by May 31, 2022 may be recognized until October 31, 2022.

In addition, other requirements to receive basic security must be met such as the need for assistance and the ability to earn. When submitting an application, the Jobcentre in Germany recommends making an appointment so that the translator can provide support if necessary. As long as refugees are not sponsored by a job centre, they can still turn to the employment agency for advice and support when entering the job market. The service hotline is available in Ukrainian and Russian at (0911-) 178-7915.

End of free travel by public transport

The nationwide traffic law = ticket regulation for Ukrainian refugees will also not apply from June 1, 2022. Schwerin’s local transport also follows the recommendation of the German Transport Association to allow free transport of Ukrainian refugees on local public buses and trains. Expires on May 31, 2022. He says Mayor Rico Badenshire, explaining the decision: “While this non-bureaucratic aid is initially important, it must end when refugees are accepted into normal social systems from 1 June.”

All help from one source

The Federal Employment Agency and Job Centers equally support all people who have fled the country – regardless of their origin. For refugees from Ukraine, the standard rate rises as a result of the transition from the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act to basic insurance. In this case, the actual costs of accommodation will also be covered. In addition, the persons concerned are included in the statutory health insurance system.

Employment centers also provide advice and support when entering the labor market or training. In the first step, refugees receive support when they need childcare, language acquisition and recognition of school and professional qualifications. After that, it is possible to provide support in finding work, qualification and further training as well as support in the recognition of professional and educational qualifications. The goal is to provide people with proper training.

The Bundestag and the Bundesrat have already decided the legal provisions. For the law to enter into force, it must still be published in the Official Gazette of Federal Law.

It is also possible to apply for benefits under SGB II online. The application can be found here:

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