‘Forever in my Heart’: Elton John continues his farewell tour Free Press

Frankfurt / Main.

Superstar Elton John made another stop in Germany as part of his farewell tour. The Briton gave a famous open-air show in Frankfurt in front of nearly 33,000 spectators.

“It’s great to be here,” said the 75-year-old, who sat at the piano in big pink glasses and a dark suit with sparkles. Because of Corona, they have been away for a longer time, but now they are back, “and we are enjoying it.”

A large collection of the most popular songs

For about two and a half hours, Elton John and his band performed a huge selection of hit songs from decades past: from “Rocket Man”, “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”, “Tiny Dancer” and “Your Song” to his latest hits” Cold Heart (Pnau Remix)”. An entertainment show was given to the fans in the seated stadium of Frankfurt. For example, large-format shots of Marilyn Monroe appeared on the video screens of the film “Candle in the Wind”. Still Standing featured a variety of portraits of the illustrious artist from the past few decades.

Elton John is one of the biggest stars in pop history. Few musicians bear a name as fittingly a pop icon as the man who was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight on March 25, 1947 in the London suburb of Benner. At the time, it wasn’t really expected that unusual glasses and colorful theatrical costumes – he changed his looks twice in Frankfurt and wears a pink dress, among other things – would one day become his trademark and that he would be able to call himself Sir Elton after the Queen gave him the nickname Knight. He has received many awards during his career: Grammys, Brit Awards, Golden Globes, the famous Ivor Novello Award and two Oscars.

More than 170 concerts in Germany

Elton John has toured the world since the early 1970s, giving more than 170 concerts in Germany alone during his career. After more than five decades on stage, the musician, who lives in Los Angeles with his husband and two sons, wants to retire and spend time with his family. In 2018, he started his big farewell tour, which then had to be interrupted due to illness and Corona. The tour was dubbed “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” in reference to one of his biggest hits.

Another show is scheduled for Sunday in Leipzig. In 2023 there should be a few final apparitions in Germany, for example in Hamburg and Munich. In the Bavarian capital, he said goodbye to the German public in 2019.

“You are in my heart forever, thank you Frankfurt, thank you Germany,” the musician cried shortly before the end of his show in Maine, where he made his debut in 1972 at the Centenary Hall. In the end, he played “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and there was thunderous applause from the audience. Perhaps this was the last appearance of the great Elton John in Hesse. (dpa)

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