Fihström Makes Music 2.0 – Together for a Good (Cultural) Climate in Bamberg

Nobody needs culture, but people need culture

Greenpeace Bamberg is more involved in issues such as climate protection, energy and transportation transition. Through this event, they will be connected to the theme of culture. Because culture is still an unnatural matter in these times, even though it is an important social good. There is a shortage of places to go out in Bamberg, for example. B. Because some have not survived the Corona period (yet) or understandably continue to limit the number of guests to less than 100 percent without regard or others are still very new and unknown.

Therefore, next Sunday, June 5, we are also committed to supporting cultural workers in Bamberg. Because we all need culture – in some form – now and then. “Culture is not a luxury that we can either tolerate or omit at will, but the intellectual foundation that ensures our inner survival.” (Richard von Weizsäcker)

Event dates:

Benefit Concert for the Bamberg Cultural Scene

Sunday 5 June
3 PM – 6 PM, check in from 2:30 PM

Skatepark in Jahnwiese (under the Munich / Heinrichsbrücke loop)

The event happens in any weather!

More information can be found here: 3 2 8 3 2 0 7 1 3 1 9 0 2688 ahrradstromkonz ert (for those interested who don’t have Facebook)

event concept

It’s an outdoor concert of a live band running bike! The entire power supply comes from four bikes, which are moved by the organizers (and if desired, by the guests) in turn. Participation is free, donations are welcome and 100 percent goes to cultural workers in (area) Bamberg. A few drinks are available for donations (also for cultural workers).

Initiatives present themselves

In addition to the cultural programme, initiatives from civil society in Bamberg will also be presented. All electricity for the concert will be generated on site. The BBG Citizens Energy Cooperative (in the process of being established) also represents (much more) for locally generated electricity from renewable energies, and thus presents itself as part of the concert. Bicycle-generated electricity (stationary) also provides another thematic link: to traffic diversion. then
With her order, which is currently collecting signatures, the Bamberg City of Encounters Initiative would like to modernize the streets in the historic center of Bamberg for people and nature.

site map

The event is held outdoors and in all weather conditions. The event area is located in the skate park directly under the Heinrichsbrücke near Jahnwiese. Under the bridge, technology and the public are protected from potential precipitation. Additionally, event noise pollution is reduced by the bridge running over it, although the technology (based on bike power) is not up to the performance level of conventional music systems anyway.

The event site is accessed via the eastern footpath (between the main Danube canal and the mini golf course), and exit via the western footpath (between the mini golf course and the right arm of Regnitz).

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