DOSB calls for politics – ‘significantly changed the way sport is seen’

The club scene in Germany should be strengthened and supported as much as possible, the sport development of DOSB board member Michaela Röhrbein in Dlf. (Coalition image / dpa central image / Britta Pedersen)

The German Olympic Sports Federation, in a research paper on key issues, called for a change in the course of German sports policy. Sport must become a matter of the chancellery and future federal policy must also be responsible for team sport, not just competitive sport. According to the Olympic Parachute Organization, the paper is an offer to speak to the federal government.

The DOSB also introduces a role in the inclusion of sports, exercise and competitive sports in the Basic Law – to assess its importance. The German Sports Services Board (DOSB) sees other areas of action in the field of volunteerism, health policy, the renovation of backlogs for sports facilities, as well as in the field of climate protection. The Federal Government announced in its coalition agreement the “Plan for the Development of Sports”. Together with the responsible Federal Ministry of the Interior, DOSB wants to fill this large project with life in the medium term.

DOSB Board Member for Sports Development Michaela Rohrbin

DOSB Board Member for Sports Development Michaela Rohrbin (right) at an event in 2020 (Imago/Hartenfelser)

Rohrbin: The club scene should be strengthened as much as possible

DOSB Board Member for Sports Development Michaela Roorbin said on Dlf that DOSB wanted to contribute to keeping residents healthy. The club structure in Germany is an important building block. It does more than just move people. Clubs are also important when it comes to integration, inclusion or the promotion of democracy. Rohrben said the club’s scene in Germany should therefore be strengthened and supported as much as possible.

Especially during the Corona period, when many people chose individual sports due to the epidemic. The number of members of sports clubs has sharply decreased. Rohrbin believes that is exactly why we need to create more opportunities to exercise at the club. It is important that “these occasions be strengthened and revived”.

There should also be a greater motivation for volunteering. To this end, they want to focus on high-quality, cost-effective training opportunities for coaches and coaches.

Rohrbin considers DOSB’s demands for politicians appropriate. We want to talk to each other as equals. It’s not just about financial support “but also that we’re sitting at the same table.”

For example, with the drive to reduce the lack of exercise in the population. “The focus now is that we speak at eye level and are taken into account in the various cross-cutting issues that frequently affect the sport.”

According to the paper, there is a strong focus on mass sports, which according to the DOSP key issues paper, should also be settled in the federal government, but it is still important to think about team sports and competitive sports together, Rohrbin stresses. If you invest in education and coaches, it will have a direct impact on mass and competitive sports. The two sides also benefited from investments in sports facilities. “It always comes down to the fact that we have to promote club sport. In my opinion, that is the crux of the paper,” says Rohrbin.

DOSB wants to send a clear signal

One does not claim that all motives will be implemented within one year or the legislative period. But they want to “change something significantly about how the sport is perceived,” Rohrbin asserts. That’s why we now want to tackle the challenges head-on – “together with our member clubs and organizations and with politicians.

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