Aura and Blaze: New Road Bike Lights from Sigma Sport

New lighting from Sigma Sport
Aura and Blaze Link: Innovative new lights for road bikes

SAFE AND COMFORTABLE: With the new range of Aura Link and Blaze Link, Sigma Sport introduces exciting innovations.

‘Connected Light’: That’s the name of a new feature from Sigma Sport so compelling that you’re asking yourself: Why hasn’t it been around for so long? Highlight: The Aura 100 front light and Blaze backlight are paired via Bluetooth LE. Once connected, both lights can be turned on and off via the headlight and controlled intuitively. No more boring fumbling under the saddle if you want to turn on the taillight on the go. No more checking to see if the taillight is already on and if the battery hasn’t run out in the meantime. Instead, you always have the battery status of both lights in the view via the LEDs above the headlight.

But that’s not all: in automatic mode, the built-in brightness sensor turns the lights on and off automatically. This ensures visibility and safety even during the day – for example when passing through tunnels or dark forest paths.

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The Blaze taillight has a built-in brake light function.

The Aura 100 Link is said to be Sigma’s most powerful StVZO headlight with up to 100 lux and a beam range of 110 metres, ensuring good visibility in road traffic. Strong and uniform illumination is made possible by a high-quality converging lens specially developed in conjunction with the high-power Osram LED. Cyclists have five lighting modes to choose from: in standard mode, according to Sigma Sport, the headlight illuminates for up to 3 hours at 100 lux, in medium for 4 hours at 75 lux and in low mode for 6 hours at 50 lux Lux If the flight takes a little longer, the eco mode provides enough lighting for up to 12 hours with 25 lux.

In “Auto” mode, the integrated brightness sensor turns the headlight on and off automatically and adjusts the illumination according to the ambient light. This saves battery and is ideal when it gets dark part of the way. The Aura 100 Link display always shows which mode the headlight is currently in use. The side light bar acts as a light guide and increases visibility from the side. An important safety feature to grab attention, especially on the road.

The quick release is practical: According to Sigma, the built-in slider makes the Aura 100 Link even more convenient for everyday use: the light can be easily removed from the mount and stowed away to save space – and if necessary, reattached to the handlebar in seconds.

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A set of Auro 100 Link and Blaze Link costs €99.95.

According to Sigma Sport, the StVZO Blaze Link taillight offers a light range of about 500 metres. The built-in brake light function and automatic mode should greatly improve driver safety on the road. Thanks to the built-in acceleration sensor, three bright LEDs clearly indicate the braking process for other road users. The brightness sensor recognizes the ambient light, turns the taillight on and off automatically in poor lighting conditions and ensures the safety and visibility of the cyclist in traffic.

In the Aura 100 / Blaze Link combination, both lamps can also be used separately. The set is now available in stores at a price of 99.95 euros.

ROAD BIKE says: The grille between the headlights and taillights is an obvious plus in terms of comfort. Combined with the automatic mode and brightness sensor, it becomes a great package that is carefree. We are looking forward to our first test.

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