Art and culture from Whit Monday in Henstedt-Ulzburg

Henstedt-Ulzburg.The Henstedt-Ulzburg (KukuHU) Art and Culture series of events, which begins on White Monday, will be primarily musical. After Corona’s two-year break, according to the lead arranger Ingrid Walker, choirs and musical groups really want to perform in front of the audience again. They have applied to participate in KukuHU.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Two hearts pounded in Ingrid Walker’s chest. On the one hand, she is happy that things are finally starting again, on the other hand, the Henstedt-Ulzburg resident is concerned that the coronavirus is still causing unrest. You couldn’t use anything less than the Corona outbreak after an event. “We rely on the personal responsibility of our visitors,” Walker asserts. But there are also some places where masks are mandatory. So in the churches and in the Fürstenhof.

70 events in 35 locations with the participation of 75 individuals and groups: these are the bare numbers that Ingrid Walker calls for KukuHU 2022. Behind him is a diverse cultural programme. Visitors have free entry to all events.

The Beauty and the Beat trio provide film music at the closing gala at Kulturkate.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

It was only in February that so-called caregivers at KukuHU slowly began planning Culture Week. Only when most of the epidemic containment measures were rescinded did Ingrid Walker and her colleagues dare to be more specific. “We usually start the fall beforehand,” Walker says. But even despite this short-term planning start, the organizing team had few problems finding artists they wanted to participate.

Music is KukuHU’s fourteenth focus

The focus is on musical events. Guests include Henstedt Recorder, Septima Norderstedt Mixed Choir, Band ohne Bass, Pempti Ensemble from Norderstedt Music School, Groove Station, Rhener Choir, pianist Edda Blufarb, Beauty an the Beat trio and Rock Male Choir Shalom.

There are also fairs, for example at Café am Wöddel, at the Fun Arena, at Jacques Weindepot, at Kreuzkirche and at Sparkasse Südholstein. The handicraft market is held over two days in the community centre.

Take away the fear of the unknown for those interested in art

It is important for caregivers that those interested do not have to enter a large gallery or concert hall to experience the culture. Ingrid Walker calls it “taking the fear of the unknown,” and art should be able to be experienced in shops, bars, and in courtyards.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

The series of events will officially begin on White Monday, June 6, at 10:30 a.m. at Götzberger Mühle. KukuHU’s 14th concert will end on Sunday, June 12, with the closing ceremony at 6 p.m. at the Kulturkate.

There is also KukuHU red wine again

As with every series of events, this year there is also a special wine edition with exclusively designed labels. It is Moli Rosso Terre degli Osci IGT 2020. The poster shows Gasthof Scheelke, Restaurant Vogelsang and Lindenhof as diagrams. Red wines are available at the Rahmer, Die Schuhkiste, Hesebeck Home Company, Vinum and Trödelhöker Wacker bookstores. A bottle costs eight euros. Proceeds will go to fund KukuHU next year. 270 bottles were ordered for sale.

In the past year, despite the lack of events, red wine has been selling — and even very well, according to an Ingrid Walker report.

The brochure containing the complete KukuHU program was sent to all families – except for those in Götzberg. It can also be viewed at

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